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Now you'll know... ;)


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Hey everyone, I've lurked around for quite some time and always was too busy to register (despite it taking <5mins). Recently tho some excessive flame against Min pushed me over the limit ...


I first read WoT 5-6 years ago (took me a year for the first read). I borrowed the books from a friend who had the full collection so I don't actually own hard copies (yes, shame on me!), but I have downloaded the audio versions and re-listened them several times since. I travel a lot so standard books no longer do for me :/.


Recently I started an office job so I have more forum time (:D), hence this introduction. I have also visited the aSoIaF forum for quite some time now.


What else ... I guess I'd like joining one of the forum groups, however, when I said "more forum time" I didn't mean that much time :P.


Favourite characters: Mat & Min


Had someone strangled Perrin in the cradle I'd've been a happier person.


Graendal did not kill Asmodean.

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your Perrin statement I don't find correct. He was fine until he met Faile. There lies the problem :P

With truth I must concur. Sadly, tho, he met her way early in the series. And before that he hardly had any PoVs. Henceforth, the lesser evil is getting rid of him, since even with Faile gone her influence will linger until the end of the series.

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