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Approved WK Bio for Dreagon Vinn - CC'd by FL


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Character Name: Draegon Vinn

DM Handle: Lewstherin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: West of Whitebridge in a small village called Ellis


Physical Description: Draegon had always been a little taller than others in his village but nobody seemed to pay him much notice because of his slim build. His mane of brown hair reached down to the back of his neck and before the Howling he had hazel eyes.




Character History:


Draegon grew up in a small village just west of Whitebridge. The village had grown flora for the markets for five generations which provided them all with a good lifestyle. While growing up he was taught how to tend to the gardens and the hidden rose thickets within the forest along with a basic knowledge of herbs and their uses.


By the age of thirteen he had been allowed to accompany his father, Gydham, to Four Kings to help with the market stalls they shared with the rest of the village. During their journeys Draegon would always mention to his father that he felt like they were being watched but his father simply dismissed his comments.


For six years Draegon and his father travelled to Four Kings each spring and each time they travelled he could feel those unseen eyes, a feeling that made the back of his neck prickle like he knew what was out there. Three weeks before Draegon's twentieth name day the village had been visited by some bandits attempting to steal the coins they had earned during the spring and trying to find some of the hidden thickets in the forest, which nobody outside the village had ever found.


Most of the village paid no heed to them once they were driven out and most forgot about them within days, even Draegon forgot. A week after the incident he decided to check on his family's rose thicket. Once he had arrived he set about his tasks, removing any dead roses which were eaten by the creatures of the forest and collecting a small bunch for the house's dining table. While collecting, he could hear something in the woods... muffled speaking between two men. His neck prickled as he felt the unseen presences which only usually appeared while he was travelling, but as normal ignored it and continued to try and listen to the men.


Eventually he could hear the two men more clearly. They were closer to the thicket than any other outsider had ever been which made it a serious problem. Still kneeling beside the roses he looked toward where he could hear the voices and was greeted minutes later by the two men entering the thicket.


"Finally found one! I told you if we followed 'im we'd find one." The taller, unwashed man chuckled.


Sighing loudly Draegon tried to get them to leave but neither would listen to him. The shorter of the two stepped forward trying to bulge his chest out to make himself look larger, which only made Draegon laugh at him. The look in the man's eyes changed, hardened and focused on Draegon. He knew that type of stare from his time on the market stalls and it usually turned into a quick scuffle then the town watch jailing the offender.


Tightening his grip on the sickle he had in his left hand, which was still out of eyesight, he waited until the short man decided to attack. Swinging faster than his opponent, thanks to his slim build, he was able to cut the attacker's chest slightly. The man attacked again and again but Draegon was able to block some of the hits. If the man kept attacking like that Draegon would end up falling to the ground with exhaustion, so instead of trying to take his time he swung the sickle and aimed at the man's heart. A loud squelch told him he had hit his mark and he pulled the sickle free before the man fell to the ground.


Looking up he saw the taller man watching in disbelief as his friend collapsed. Draegon took a step toward him and seeing that, the man slowly backed off. Once he was out of the thicket he turned and ran toward the village. Draegon's neck prickled once more and he slowly glanced around the thicket for signs of anybody else watching, but all he could see was a wolf staring intently at him with its head tilted slightly. He had an odd feeling that the wolf was trying to talk to him but dismissed it. Collecting the bunch of roses he finally set off back home.


Over the next two weeks Draegon's sight improved. He was able to hear more sharply and he could feel that continuous prickle at the back of his neck which told him there was something in the forest...waiting, watching. His eyes had also turned yellow which had people in the village worried and caused them to treat him differently. His twentieth name day had come and passed with only a small celebration. He began to feel like an outcast; his dreams became more vivid, with wolves hunting and him as one of them, waking with odd bruises and the metallic tang of blood in his mouth.


He finally had enough and decided that he would spend time in the forest, at the rose thicket. The village knew that he had protected it and the dead man's body had been removed as soon as Draegon returned to the village, but there was still an air of death around the thicket which nobody else noticed. While he relaxed in the thicket he could feel something get closer to him and, looking up, he saw the wolf that had been there two weeks before, striking the same head pose now as it did back then. Draegon thought to himself, What do you want wolf? and the wolf looked up as if it were paying closer attention to him.


The sun had slowly lowered while he thought about things and watched the wolf seemingly paying attention, but the oddest part was the images in his head. Two-legs fighting fast, spilling blood with the moon. To protect the sweet smelling rose bush. From what he could gather these were the images the wolves used to name him and as he sat sifting through the images in his head he spoke without thinking. "Moonrose." The wolf lolled its tongue at him, almost as if it were smiling.


Draegon was in shock and awe at the same time. In awe because he was talking with wolves somehow and in shock because it should have been impossible. Letting his mind wander he sent a thought at the wolf. What am I? He watched and waited as the wind blew the fur of the wolf around until the wolf sent its own message. The young sun shone brightly through the canopy of the forest. Two-legs and wolves running together, the scent of deer ahead. The sun and moon revolved for a long time then daylight returned. The mother wolf comforting her newborn cub as the pack gathered around her to greet the new one. The images stopped and gave him time to understand what they meant. He was somehow kin to the wolves, something from the beginning of the ages come anew.


He stared in wonderment at what he had been shown, his mind wandering to another thought. Are there others? Looking back at the wolf, he waited for her answer. The elderly sun stepped aside for the moon and the moon stepped aside for the sun, a wolf finding the young cub who is lost and teaching it how to hunt. From his understanding of the way the wolves dealt with times and days the images told him that another would come tomorrow to help him.


Saying his thanks to the wolf he headed home and helped prepare the food with his mother. After they had eaten he returned to his room and packed some clothes before falling asleep. The dreams came again. He hunted with the wolves, as a wolf, but now he enjoyed the hunt. Waking up with the taste of blood in his mouth did not bother him any more. Instead of waiting for the rest of his family to emerge from their rooms Draegon collected his belongings and headed to the forest. He was near the thicket where the wolf had met him the previous day when he smelled the faint presence of another human. Walking steadily he entered the thicket to be greeted by one with yellow eyes.


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