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Towers of Midnight Reference in TGH?

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I was reading The Great Hunt and I found something interesting.  I don't frequent these forums very often, so maybe its been mentioned before, but here it is.  Right after Denna captures Egwene:


Page 573, The Great Hunt (I editted the bold part)


"Deain made more a'dam , the first sul'dam were found, and women captured who called themselves Aes Sedai discovered that they were in fact only marath'damane, Those Who Must Be Leashed.  It is said that when she herself was leashed, Deains screams shook the Towers of Midnight, but of course she, too, was a marath'Damane, and marath'damane  cannot be allowed to run free."


Well, we know Towers of Midnight covers Mat and Perrin (and supposedly Elayne (AND THE UNMASKING OF THE BLACK AJAH AS ASMODEAN'S KILLERS IMO :P had to put it in there)), so how do they factor into a Seanchan legend or place?  This leads me to believe Towers of Midnight may actually be partially in Seanchan lands, or perhaps the Aelfinn and Eelfinn are actually from there.  What do you guys think?

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uhm I believe they are an old seanchan stronghold (pre Luthair conquest) that got converted into a prison complex for political and real prisoners. I dont know why Deain was in there when she shoudl have been on a leash and such, unless they have a part of it converted into a kennel

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