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  1. Barid Bel Medar nailed it. Demandred delivered in my opinion. Everything from his appearance to his dialogue was nearly perfect to me. I was fine with the 'robot' approach people mentioned. Those who've read his backstory know that as time went on he became more and more obsessed with besting the Dragon. It completely unhinged him and turned him to shadow. That's what we knew about him and that's what we got. If anything, it's WH where he seems out of character, since all the other references to him and his backstory show that he's completely insane. As many in this thread have said
  2. No discussion of Padan Fain? I quite enjoyed his end. Quick, clean, no epic battle, just a simple stab to the chest. I do wish he'd made his presence known a little earlier though, so he wasn't just a one chapter villain. Mat on the whole didn't interest me much. He's the only character that in my opinion died in the author transition. Tuon/Fortuona I just hate. I can't make myself like her. I'm hoping to see some notes released about Mat/Tuon and the Seanchan threat post aMoL though. I can't see them keeping the Dragon's Peace and if anything, Aviendha's change at the FoM will
  3. I'm having trouble grasping a lot of the end. The biggest issue I have with this whole book (the only really big glaring issue to me) is Rand's portion of the epilogue. I just can't believe that he can finally live in peace and decides to not tell Nynaeve, Tam, Mat, or Perrin and abandons his children and Min, Elayne, and Aviendha. Now, into what happened with the dark one itself. I agree with the 'world without evil' being a horrible place. Rand explains this by telling the Dark One that he never wins, because only the fight for something you believe in can bring out the best in pe
  4. Personally, I think RJ chose to kill her off, specifically BECAUSE nobody (or very few people) saw it coming. One of the best parts about this series is that nearly every action is foreshadowed and hinted at well in advance. The only drawback to this is that the people most into the story (people who see theories online and post on these forums) have nothing left to surprise them. A final book to a series this large needed at least one surprise. Looking back, I wonder if this was intentional. Min and Egwene were our two primary 'foreshadowers'. Egwene never saw visions o her own futur
  5. Thank you for wording this so eloquently. This series has been carried around in the back of my mind for more than half my life and I'm both saddened and thrilled to see it come to conclusion. I did have issues with the writing in a few areas and there were certainly holes, but inheriting a series with this many characters is no easy task and in some ways, I feel brandon improved upon some characters. **************Spoiler alert for the next paragraph, read at your discretion************* Overall the only BIG issues I had were with the epilogue and the field of merrilor meeting.
  6. I think lopozop nailed it. I don't think Egwene 'died' as people might think. Physically, she's dead, yes, but I got the feeling that she turned herself into a part of the pattern. Balefire works by burning a thread out of the pattern. Depending on the strength, it burns further and further back in time. If this weave was the opposite then it should solidify all of the weaves around it and stabilize the whole tapestry, so to speak. When Egwene 'died', her body seemed to literally transform into crystals, which we'd only previously seen as an object that literally held part of th
  7. Is that actually in the books somewhere, or are you just guessing wildly?
  8. I was reading The Great Hunt and I found something interesting. I don't frequent these forums very often, so maybe its been mentioned before, but here it is. Right after Denna captures Egwene: Page 573, The Great Hunt (I editted the bold part) Well, we know Towers of Midnight covers Mat and Perrin (and supposedly Elayne (AND THE UNMASKING OF THE BLACK AJAH AS ASMODEAN'S KILLERS IMO :P had to put it in there)), so how do they factor into a Seanchan legend or place? This leads me to believe Towers of Midnight may actually be partially in Seanchan lands, or perhaps the Aelfin
  9. Min has been taking some sort of concoction that prevents pregnancy. She mentions offering some to Elayne in WH.
  10. I have a bad feeling that every major caharacter will survive. Rand will probably die at some point, but then come back or something (don't really wanna get into my Hinderstap theory here). Perrin has to outlive Bashere to get the Broken Crown.
  11. Personally, I took it to be a simple method of phrasing. We're told over and over again that Aes Sedai can talk their way out of any conversation without promising anything, so that's what I assumed was done. Egwene's quote, which all the other Aes Sedai say, is: "I am no Darkfriend." Mesaana could have simply meant: "I am no [mere] Darkfriend." That's enough in my opinion. I also suspected the double spirit weave, through use of a well so nobody would see the glow of the power around her. We also have to think about what actually makes the Oaths binding. Does the Oa
  12. Unrelated question...how can Min acurrately predict the bizarre changes the Pattern makes, seemingly last minute, around Ta'veran? Alright, knife in the dark time: I am going to post the real quotes here, if nobody minds (all taken from: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Min's_viewings): “A man — not him — juggling fire, and the White Tower.” This one is confusing. Is he juggling the White Tower, or is the White Tower seperate from the juggling? I think this is too generic to get pinned down to a single event. The people around Thom are always trying to 'juggle' more factio
  13. Ahh, we'll see. I still say he fits in there somewhere, I mean, Graendal messed around in Shara and every other nation was controlled by a Forsaken in some way. One of them had to have taken some interest in the Sea Folk. And the Caramoor is the only title Rand has that doesn't demand reverance. He who comes with dawn must be followed. The Dragon Reborn is a legend to stand in awe of. Demandred seems like he would be drawn to the people who think Rand needs to be bargained with... I'm sure you're right Luckers, but he could still be involved with the Sea Folk somehow. I suspect
  14. I was talking about this with my friend the other day and I came up with two possibilities: 1) He is in Shara, since it is one of the only places that could have an army on the move that we wouldn't know about. 2) (and this seems the most likely to me) He is a Sea Folk leader. I'm not sure when RJ said we hadn't seen Demandred alternate personality, but I believe him to be the Mistress of the Ships. For several reasons. a) We know that one day the Cairhein Wavemistress will take the position, so the one currently in power has to be dethroned at some point. b) Having Demandred
  15. Interesting, I was thinking of making a list like this for myself as well. You could elaborate a bit more though. Saying 'man juggling fire' doesn't help me much without some context. Who was the image over, when did it appear, where was the person situated when it appeared? I can't remember when alot of these show up, and I'm sure most of them only appear after a critical decision has been made, similar to Mat's dice rolling in his head. But you're missing one. Min also sees Rand with a Beggar's staff and something else, which ties in well to one of Perrin's visions (why did he stop
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