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Questions about The Dominion Bands (spoilers)


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I understand the basics of how they(the DB) work, I think, but reading some of the posts here turned the small trickle of questions about these things into a torrent. ???


I know the DB will bind a male channeler(Rand for example) w/ his own power, and the leash holder(s) would be able to use his power like a link. (I understand, too, that eventually the man would gain control of the leash holder) The leash holder(s) would also be able to control his body(mind too?), but to what extent? When Semi forced Rand to strangle Min, Rand repositioned to get more leverage, was Semi controlling his every neuron to do that? Or, did his own "how to" part of the brain kick in to obey a command (despite his emotional attachment for Min)? Could a non-channeler control the victim's body? I know male channelers can't link normally but w/ a DB can a man be a leash holder? Or, does the leash holder(s) need to be (all) female? If they have to be female, don't they need to know how to channel with saidin like Semi did in order to use the man's power?  I guess it could work like a normal link using two women and one man, except Semi's comments seamed to indicate the need to know how weave saidin. Doesn't a normal link use saidar along with saidin were as w/the DB the women are controlling saidin only?


I only have the main books, no Guild or BWB so if there is more info on the DBs in these I'm hoping someone can help.  :)


Thank you



On a related note.

This was in a recent post and it added to my thoughts about the DB.

...the dominion band chapter...


The way the book concluded I can't see how another woman will come and hurt Rand.  Maybe it would be Egwene of all people when 'the Dragon knows her wrath'?

Given her experiences, I would think Egwene would find ANY collar meant for a human to be repulsive; but would she consider it an acceptable alternative in 'dealing' w/ Rand?  When she finally learns of the DB, would she be mad at Nyaneve and/or Elayne for NOT telling her about it?


I better stop here before this turns into a Egwene hate thread.


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I cant really shed much light on the specifics of the Domination Band but most of what you said is pretty much right.


The DB, unlike the adam  which forces the holders will through torture, allows the user to control the person completely.


eg. If you try to channel with the a'dam, you feel sick and lose the power.

    With the Domination Band, you cant channel at all without permission.

As for conrolling the mind, I dont think so, as we see from Rands pov, he is trying to stop himself from doing it, but cant. So his mind is still his own.


I think overall the Domination Band is like a (for lack of a better analogy) TV controller.


(as for the actual weaves of Saidin and such, I have no idea, I would say that you would just have to think something like "use balefire" and the man under the DB control weaves it.)



Finally, concerning Egwene, even though I am not that keen on her, I doubt that she would even contemplate using the Domination Band on Rand. She thinks he needs to be guided, even manipulated, but not controlled like that. If she did however, even contemplate it, well, sufice to say she deserves leashing again, and a slow painful death.

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It has to be two women controlling one man. They will control him completely (as we've seen, they could control his every motion), but as Demmi here mentions his mind seems to remain free (at least his thoughts. The part that channels the True Source obviously IS under the operator's control. Interestingly enough, the part that channels the True Power ISN'T).

It seems as if the operator needs have a basic familiarity with sai'din, but remember that we've seen AS channel sai'din in a link the very first time they've tried it (and, likewise, Rand did channel sai'dar successfully), so presumably that's something you could learn as you go along.

As you mentioned, it's hinted that eventually the man will gain control over his operators.

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Semi's comment about the weirdness of saidin's way of weaving is just about the fact she had so-to-say meld the flow. If Rand knew the weave, she would have controlled him into weaving it. But she had to do it herself, as Rand lacked the knowledge of this weave.


I think...

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