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Gday, glad to be here!


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Gday from the southern Aiel Waste (also known as outback Australia). Very little happening here, hope to read all about what fellow WoT fan(atics) think and enjoy about our favorite books and author.


I've been a WoT fan for quite a few years and have met a few others. It always amazes me at the diversity of people who enjoy it. So to throw my own stuff into the pot, why dont i tell you a bit about myself.


Well, i'm aussie, if you havent already worked that out, live away from the big coastal cities in a place called Kalgoorlie, in the desert (our own Three-fold Land). I'm an apprentice chef, with aspirations to be a fantasy writer.


Ok, im outta here for now. Have fun

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Heya, nice to "meet" you :) I'm from Oz too, far north coast NSW :)


There's quite a few of us here at DM. I'm a wife/mother/full-time worker myself and have been reading WoT for around 18 years now. I'd love to write a fantasy novel too, and i have tried but i always end up inadvertantly plagurising other authors ideas without meaning too... i guees i have just read to many fantasy novels, it's my favourite genre.

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