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Shadow Rider

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Not so spoilerific

I agree with the previous posters who claimed this 'revelation' is not really a spoiler. We know that Demandred is the only remaining general among the Forsaken--Sammael is dead and Ishamael is a philosopher and grand planner, not a general. That leaves the command of the horde of trollocs and twisted Asha'man in Demandred's capable hands.


Ok so the Spoiler tag has been remove ...I suppose it's not a spoiler to know that Demandred will definitely, absolutely, no chance in hell die in ToM....I suppose thats not a spoiler.

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I see Demandred being the big shocker. He is probably going to turn out to be someone near Rand, who kept tabs on him for the Shadow the entire time. Examples might be; killed Bashere and took his form to stay near the Dragon. Maneuvering him to gain more power to cause more instability in the world.


Hard to say who it might turn out to be in the end.

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Obligatory "This is why I hate Perrin and Egwene"

Egwene "can do no wrong" al'Vere magically mends the rift between male and female Aes Sedai because all Rand is good for is pissing people off. What can't the wondergirls do? I get as angry as Ishamael just thinking about it.  


Every once in a while, I get a little annoyed about how easily the girls get things done or figure something out.  At the same time, every now and then it humors me realizing how the girls' ignorance, like Nynaeve and Elayne, accidentally causes problems but their screw-up ultimately leads them to an answer, or help a person in need or find what they're looking for. Something like that, haha.  Sorry, can't cite a reference at the moment.  


RJ has told us that none of the main female characters are ta'veren proper but in my opinion, situations like Egwene being able to easily influence the healing of the White Tower could be encouraged in a way by the Pattern.  She may not be ta'veren but the Pattern has picked her out to be a strong force in the shaping of events with a dash of luck to boot.  I don't know... I haven't given this speculation much thought up until this moment, but who knows.


While we're on the subject of Egwene's magical White Tower healing abilities... I, too, feel a little... annoyance?... at how easily Egwene gets it done.  The whole lot of Aes Sedai in general, aside from a select few, annoy me because they are made out to be immature bickering girls unable to work together; they all seem so childish to me.  Why aren't there more Cadsuanes or Moiraines or Verins (not including her Black Ajah association)?


I'm re-reading KoD right now and I'm at the very part where Egwene is working her way up the ladder from the Novices to Accepted to AS and the series of events just seems to come too easily, particularly with the Aes Sedai.  She mentions something to one of them during a lesson or plants one of her seeds and all of the sudden, the AS in her company immediately gobbles it up.


I do like Egwene's story arc, particularly from KoD and on, despite how influential she is for one who has only been associated with the AS for such a short time.  She calls the White Tower her home and her life but geez, she acts as if she was born in the Tower! :)


Ok, I'll leave it at that.  This is a thread for Demandred, not for Egwene haha.


We have to remember as much as we don't want to, the Pattern is the biggest dues ex machina ever.  The girls are learning all these talents, and all the old talents are coming out because the Pattern is spinning them out and putting them in place so it doesn't unravel.

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sorry, I'm still amused people don't like Demandred because of lack of character build or screen time.....How much screen time did Semirhage get? How much character build for her?

First mention tSR, then, all of a sudden, she shows up posing as Tuon....


If Demandred does use proxies, I wonder who is the proxy near Rand....... [spoiler BELOW]











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