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  1. I wanted to respond to this. My issue with this whole book largely stems from my final inability to suspend belief I could have handled amateurish writing and terrible editing and so on But the plotting was even worse than ADWD and after what seems to be the millionth time, you know the light's getting out by being lucky because of mass idiot ball holding In Rand et Al's previous Big Climaxes, there was some something different at work: Rand trapping Asmodean, Nynaeve getting Moghiedien, hell, even Mat's triumph over the Finns It wasn't at all dumb luck. Victory resulted from more than luck, from our usually young heroes learning a la Joshua the Computer. Once you lose the sense that the Shadow is competent, it just kills the internal reality of the story. The Shadow was a nothing burger
  2. Sanderson doesn't really understand that the reason Jordan didn't do so much with the gimmicky channeling stuff because they were supposed to be so powerful.
  3. Editors are the weak link in the fantasy world. Successful authors create fanatical nerd bases who'll buy their stuff. So it becomes very difficult to rein them in. Jordan was an example, Martin is currently the leading light after the godawful Dance, and Sanderson is kind of lost in the woodwork because while he's not really that successful, he's the next big thing in Tor's stable
  4. It was an example of terrible writing or rather editing
  5. Uh, no. Aes Sedai = servants of all Asha'man = guardians We've known these words since book 6
  6. I don't know how you can exceed? (What's exceed in the other direction?) Leigh's
  7. So, uh, pretty sure they could have annihilated Caemlyn, bro
  8. Jaric Mondoran turned the second greatest city of the Age of Legends into a lake of glass by himself.
  9. Batcaver, I don't want to sound unfair, but Jordan's battle scenes and sword fights are orders of magnitude more dramatic than anything done by Sanderson. And they manage not to overwhelm the narrative
  10. Yeah, but you have a safe word, and you can always choose. I don't know if you get what's going on here. This isn't BDSM. To borrow a phrase from a far greater author, it's "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever."
  11. My bad, bro. I wrongly thought she would be an objective observer. Her cheerleading in that review was appalling "Like I said, flawless? No. Pretty damn stupendously awesome anyway? Yup."
  12. If you know the city is just a giant Trolloc encampment, *you kill it with fire*
  13. yep. but it's Camelyn! Who cares if every city in the North is burned to ashes....not the pretty one! we like that one! *rolls eyes* 100% exactly what they should have done. Is this where the church lady screams "OH WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN". Lol. We're fighting for existence itself. Guess what? Eff morals. There's no "sadness" anymore at this point. Embrace death indeed And they spent three or four chapters telling us there are no folks left in Caemlyn!
  14. Bro, Leigh could think my views are one hundred percent wrong. That ain't my problem. My problem is more that her review is, well, pretty obsequious and cringing. When I read it, I nearly cried
  15. I mean, thing is, they actually did do something like this in TOM for everyone's favorite Dark Side congealing assassin
  16. Leigh Butler's review was staggeringly bad. I don't even have the words to describe how she could have written that
  17. I'm going to guess their battle plan was thought up by the mysterious. Male Sharan channelers which don't exist therefore have bad battle strategies. :O I love you
  18. Ok, look. The Light has some powerful channelers, 'angreal, and circles One bro in TSR glassed an entire city. I'm pretty sure the combined force of female channelers plus the Rand loyalist Ashaman could torch Caemlyn and all the guys in it in a few hours. Then you redeploy to the Northern fronts. For the love of Christ, is everyone aware that Randland is at least as big as the US east of the Mississippi? Or even larger? We're talking hundreds, thousands of miles. If the Light had turned Caemlyn into a charnel house, they could have redeployed a few days later with rested channelers and stop the other two armies in their tracks
  19. Seriously, anyone who thinks the Light plan to deal with Caemlyn was ok is, in large sense, not serious. Caemlyn should have been power nuked or left alone
  20. Monkeyfister, you're my favorite person and are awesome and brilliant and gosh darn it good looking
  21. My purpose here is to comment on the book. I already said, in my above post, I don't believe I can convince most people. Guess what? I had a bit to do with convincing Mark, so it ain't impossible, bro
  22. Oh, and you know what that sound is on this board? It's the incredibly deafening silence of the regulars, the guys who've been into this series almost professionally. Where are they? They certainly commented when KOD and TGS and TOM came out. I wonder where they are now. Could it possibly be that they're a bit, hmm, disappointed? Nah, that's probably just crazy talk
  23. Uh, yeah, the reason Mark - and for that matter myself - is getting frustrated is that we emphatically do not claim this is the worst material ever put on paper What Mark has said, what I have said, what many people have said, is that MOL is a failure. That doesn't mean literally everything he wrote was terrible. It means the book is bad. By contrast, we have people constantly saying how "awesome" and "cool" and "sad" this book is. Right. I've been trying to limit my deconstruction largely to the battle scenes so many people love, in order to demonstrate they're unevenly written, abysmally plotted action sequences out of step with the WOT universe but in line with fan service of the most grating variety. I've also commented on the sheer ridiculousness of Brandon promoting a character that's essentially made up by him to save the day like half a dozen times. I don't actually expect most people to agree with me because they're refusing to acknowledge even the most basic issues with MOL. But it gets incredibly annoying when people deliberately distort what Mark's saying. And frankly, if you go to the "sad moments" thread, you'll have a painful example of what we're talking about. Namely, people keep saying patently ludicrous things like "omg I was so sad when Lan almost died" Yes, that's a perfectly fine reaction when you're reading the book the first time. But Lan didn't die. So maybe, maybe you might want to revisit that conclusion when you get to the end.
  24. It certainly wouldn't have been necessary for everyone to drop what they are doing and start crying. That's ridiculous and if you really felt that you needed more fighting from this book then our views on this series are probably too disparate to bridge. There are a few creative ways I can think of off of the top of my head that the human aspects of the war could have been better attended to during the fight, not to mention after. What about some reflections from the wounded or the dieing? Jordan was fantastic about having characters sort of trail off tangentially in their trains of thought during these kinds of scenes, and through that he'd ground all of the action in the context of the greater narrative. There are a lot of options. Sanderson definitely does some of his best work with the action stuff, and it seems like his priority in this book was giving us the biggest battle he possibly could. My problem is that it's not only the last battle, but also the end of the series. The former was well attended to while the latter was ignored. The main issue is that Egwene was an important character to the reader. That's the mandate for a proper reverence of her death. It doesn't necessarily need to come from any specific character, rather it's about imparting the reader with the feeling of being as close to this event as possible. I'm using Egwene's death since she's the biggest example, but it applied to a lot of other deaths and events as well. I remember back in book 7 when the gholam ripped nalesean's throat. A secondary character but you felt sad for him because of mat's after thoughts. Brandon doesnt have anything remotely similar to what jordan can convey through death. Maybe it's because jordan was a former soldier and knew what death means to the person affected. "He should have let Nalesean stay in bed. The thought came sadly as he drove the blade home hard, then a second time, a third." was more affecting than anything in MOL
  25. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but this is because *virtually nothing in MOL was written by Jordan* TGS had the most, MOL by far the least
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