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  1. LoL!...........LOL!!..........LOL!!!.......This is so good!
  2. The Nym can always come back, as long as something grows.
  3. Why was Elaida, not able to kill Egwene? if she truly believed Egwene was a Darkfriend.
  4. Last I herd it was 80,000yrs, but I think they change there mind alot.
  5. But your assuming that an Age is always going to be the same timespan, which isn't neccessarily true. It wouldnt surprise me if the Age of Legends was vastly longer then the Third Age; the fact that war was forgotten except by scholars and whatnot suggests to me that the first age (if that was truly our age) was alot further then three thousand years previous. You are right in what you say, we only have a time between AoL and now which is over 3000yrs....other than that we got bugger all to go on.
  6. I thought that before but I have my doubts now. The time frame doesn't fit.....if an age in Randland was around 3000yrs an age, that equates to 21,000 + yrs of each turning, and we know The Aboriginals of Australia have been there for around 80,000yrs+. I think that we in our world cold be one of the Mirror worlds, but not Randland.
  7. Cleanse the Blight maybe....
  8. I haven't been in there for a while
  9. Thanks for that! but answer this, Why did Rand think it felt old? this is his 3rd Power wrought sword, thats a strange comment to make.
  10. sorry, I'm still amused people don't like Demandred because of lack of character build or screen time.....How much screen time did Semirhage get? How much character build for her? First mention tSR, then, all of a sudden, she shows up posing as Tuon.... If Demandred does use proxies, I wonder who is the proxy near Rand....... [spoiler BELOW] Cadsuane.....LoL!
  11. technological? it would only require someone channeling..... heat and fold 1000 times, an something to make it so it never needs to be sharpened. you wouldn't need an industry for that, the swords were made during the War of Power, before the Breaking.
  12. hmMMmmmm... Girl on Girl..... Semi's threesome with Rand, no wonder it's called the Domination band! LoL!
  13. A super sharp Medal that never needs to be sharpened , uses, digging fox holes, cutting wood, weight for unrolled maps & a back scratcher(scabbard not sword) & tooth pick.
  14. but the song is there....there maybe a few songs, they will figure it eventually.
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