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Go stick your nose elsewhere (attn Esther)


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She looked out at the weather, it looked about how she felt, which also ment that even if she didnt mind somewhat frisky weather, she was better staying inside, then atempting to hit the grove today. Sheri sighed, it was typical her luck, she'd stay in her room, but she had tried to avoid someone of late which wanted her help for some ajah stuff, and she was not about to get involved in someone elses petty politics or issues or whatever it was, she was not sure, nor did it interest her.


Quickly and roughly braiding her hair into something that would keep it out of her face, she tied a ribon of white in and checked that her plain white dress did not have any stains on. Well then, she was presentable, at least when she donned the shawl by the door, its steady place for her to easily grab it when exciting the apartment. Mussing over what to do she remembered the bag of new puzles she had goten just last week from a toymaker in town, she had found the place as an accepted and become a steady customers, they made excelent time consumers and gave her something to do while thinking.


Looking around, she couldnt quite remember where she had laid it when she got in in a hurry, the rest was in a box shoved under the coutch, then she spoted it inbetween a shelf and a side table with a vase, she must laid it on either and it had fallen down. With a content smile Sheri grabed the bag, headed for the door, and swung the shawl in a fluid motion of the hanger, around her shoulders as she exited the room. It was lunch time, so few sisters were around, which suited her well, she had eaten some bread from yesterday along with some salt meat she had hanging in a corner of her room. She trodded down the stairs, bloody stairs, she had hated runing them as an intiate, geting hurried along, and her love had not grown from them after she got raised, the only different was she could keep her own pace, and did not have to mind much where she walked if she kept to the sides, most sisters walked in the midle, and intates would move, or be walked through if needed now she got the shawl. She rarely bottered to stop if someone wasnt quick enough to move, waste of time, nor did she want any more attention then needed upon her person, staring, too many was far too good at it, the creator save her if something was to happen, they all would be to distracted by gaping in wonder to do anything.


Sheri grumbled inwardly to herself, the libary was luckily up ahead, soon she would be well out of the way of any persons and could spend the day in peace and quiet contemplating, and working on her puzles. She let her feet bring her along familiar paths too one of the dusty old, badly lit corners wall into the libary that she knew too well, kneeling down she pulled a pillow out from under one of the shelves, then pulled out a big tomb of a book. She opened it randomly at a page, sat down leaning against the wall and looked briefly at what was the theme, just in case she should need to know later. She pulled the shawl off, it still did not feel right on, it felt heavy, almost like it had been when taking the oaths, sometimes she wondered why her momo had sent her here, it was done though. She put the bag down on top of the shawl, rolled the shawl around and stuck it behind her back as a pillow, the puzles was arranged neatly out of view under the shelf on a row, she picked one and set her hands too work while leaning back, her eyes seemingly focused on a point in the book, but her thougths wandering far away.


She had gone out once, back too see her grandmothers grave, though she wondered if she shouldnt just leave alltogether, travel, there was nothing for her here, the issue was there was nothing for her out there either, she was not sure where she would go, anywhere with the wind she guessed, no one would stop her, money would come from the tower. She had thougth about this many a time, but so far nothing had come of it...

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Esther fingered the silver-fringed shawl draped haphazardly over her gray-clad shoulders. As

much as she loved the White Tower, she wished she could be out of the place, bringing justice to

far flung towns and villages. Pia was being firm, though. Apparently she needed more seasoning,

whatever that might mean. Esther thought it was purely because she looked not only young-

seeming, but young, period. As if it was her fault she had spent her time as novice and Accepted

actually studying, instead of mooning over Warder trainees or playing idiotic and childish

pranks, and therefore gaining the Shawl much younger than most Aes Sedai did these days.


Well, she wasn’t interested in playing politics, or making nice with the other Aes Sedai. She

wanted to travel and see the world and actually do something! But no, she had to hang

around the White Tower for a few months more. Well, she’d just have to find some books in

the library she’d not read yet. Giving her frizzy red hair a desultory pat, Esther strode out of

her room, and encountered the other problem that gave her the willies, even after months.


Her fellow Gray sisters nodded respectfully to her. They waited for her to speak first. Some, the

Light help her, even went so far as to curtsy slightly. Flaming cowbells, she was younger than many

Accepted! Just because she was stronger in the One Power than most other Grays. Esther tried not

to shake her head as she hurried through the Gray quarters, nodding to her sisters as she tried not

to blush. That had probably been the biggest shock when Pia had explained the finer nuances

of Aes Sedai life to her hours after her raising.


She heaved a sigh of relief as she exited the large doors with the gray enamelled Aes Sedai symbol.

Striding as fast as she could, she headed towards the library, and once she’s picked a book, into

one of her favourite hideaways. She was brought up short by the presence of another Aes Sedai,

White by the colour of her fringe. A really strange looking woman with a scar across her face. Esther

debated heading off towards one of her other favourite spots for seclusion, but she was just ticked

off enough at her situation that a slight bit of belligerence replaced her normal placidity. Sticking

her chin out, she stomped over to a comfortable chair and plopped down in it with a slight huff. She

gave the other woman one pouty glare before opening her book with a pointed sniff.


Ester Tremaine

New raised Gray

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Sherriana heard someone aproach, who in the bloody light could be coming into this bit of the libary, it was a section mostly counted as obsolete books that she rarely had seen anyone interested in during her study days, one of the safest hideouts she had. She looked up barely as the intruder didnt walk off again but walked right into her little corner, by what she could registrer it was a seemingly young looking woman, strong, and not in intiate clothing, another sister new enough too the shawl not to have gained the ageless look. She didnt look up long, she was not interested in the details, and indeed it would take her longer to figure those out then she could get away with looking, so it was not worth it. There was no logic too the system the Aes Sedai followed with strength by her measures, as if the One Power was the be it and all, handy yes, but it was merely a tool. Sheri almost dug her heals in, and probably would have if it had been dirt who could moved, she was not going to move even if she well heard the huff of the other, she was here first, and she didnt bloody care that she was among the weaker ones around.


It anoyed her though as she sliped the puzle up her sleave and refocused on the book, no less anoying was it to find that the theme was aparently duller then she had at first thougth, and soon enough the handwriting got more jagged, meaning it was hardly posible for her limited vision to catch onto what was the gist at all. Biting the toungetip she wondered if it was worth it, but she knew one of her other favorite places had been set to be dusted down of late, and was likely to contain noisy novices, curious busy nosed novices, that she wanted nothing to do with. At least the other was not of her own ajah, she was fairly sure of that from what little she had caugth.


If only the weather would let up so she could go too the grove and loose herself in the wilderness, but no, she could clearly hear it raining fairly heavily still outside from the trinkling on a window nearby. She wondered how much time had passed, how long was that nim-wit going to stay, surely nothing much of interest could be here, less it was a brown, but even those she saw rarely in these sections, could it be another who was escaping the busyness of the tower, in which case she would be out of luck on geting the spot alone for any time too soon.


Sheri couldnt help but sigh under her breath as she turned another page, then frowning her forehead at a particular difficult word to make out, what was she doing here, she really should leave, leave Tar Valon, be rid of them all, just her and the road...

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