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G'day All


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G'day all.  I am Senexx!  I am Australian!!


I have been reading WoT and re-reading it for years now. I couldn't possibly tell you when I started - mid to late nineties maybe.


I re-read all the other books before I read The Gathering Storm.

I flew through books 1-7 and struggled with book 8 but I made it and recently read TGS in a little over a week.  It flowed smoothly.


I'm male.  My age is inconsequential. This time around I find quite an affinity with Egwene.


Now that I have finished TGS I feel empty and I guess that is why I am here.



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That's OK.  My reply was to Amadine.  Best that you said BAH though and not BA lest I mistake you  ;)


On a more serious note:


I do not understand the Social Groups.  Take the WT Social Group for example.


It says


we focus on creating friendships within our Ajahs and Disciplines, and promoting unity & cooperation here at DM and in the real world.


but what does that mean?


Advance apologies as this may be the wrong spot to make such a comment.


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The Social Groups are just that social. SOme of them are for specialised interests others are more friendship based. Head on in and have a read of the threads at the top of the page to get more info. Personally i am a Novice in the WT and a Darkfriend at Shayol Goul. Lots of people are active in way more groups than i am though :)


The RP boards are for those who are interested in Role Playing in Randland, they are fun too :)

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Welcome to DM!


I think some of the descriptions for the Social Groups could be out of date...maybe because of changes in staff in certain ones. I do know the Band one is pretty much up to date, but I will mention this in the Staff Board that it might need looking at.


The easiest way to describe a social group is that they are groups picked out of the books that focus on certain themes (i.e. Band of the Rand focuses on Music, Travel and Eating Out) and an area to make friends. Each has a host of different activities, so feel free to nose about.


And do not hesitate to ask any other questions - we will do our best to help answer them. :)

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Wow, those dates - in my case - are correct.


Amadine, if you're out there (and I know you are) and happen to read this, I am wondering what the best way to contact you is since this forum doesn't seem to have a PM system. At least not one I can find.

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No idea why I'm posting this here.


Which Wheel of Time Character Are You?

Your Result: Perrin

You are the strong but silent type. You like to take your time to think things out. You are very smart and strong but you often don't give yourself enough credit. To your friends and loved ones you are extremely loyal and trustworthy. You always put others safety, well-being, and happiness before your own.

Result Breakdown:

86% Perrin

69% Mat

64% Egwene

58% Moiraine

57% Rand

57% Nynaeve

0% The Dark One

0% Lanfear

Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz




The above quiz got the same result


1. Perrin

2. Lan

3. Gawyn

4. Aviendha

5. Min

16. Lanfear

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