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The grave is no bar to my troll. 10-9, Good buddy.

Beer Rot

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I'm Robert E, Beer Rot is an anagram of my name.


I am an AFRJ Monkey, a member of the alt.fan.robert-jordan newsgroup.


Since the majority of RJ fans have left usenet for message boards, I thought I'd join here and see what trouble I can get into.


Few bits of info about myself as a WoT fan:


1. Taim is Demandred, until we get direct POV proof via the book showing otherwise.  No one ever said RJ wasn't allowed to lie.


2. I am a troll, although I rarely lie, keep this in mind at all times.


3. Bela is the greatest character in the series.


4. I would pay good money for Faile to die a horrible death.


5. Ishy dead, Morri cool.


edit: although I can be a spelling nazi, I really dislike my shift key.  lazy days will see pages of posts with no punctuation at all.  don't hate me because i'm beautiful.

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Welcome to DM. Although there are those that will try to debunk your opinions, I like your attitude and I look forward to you becoming a part of our community. We've got some REALLY good book discussions, awesome social groups, and even cooler RP boards. The whole DM family is integrated, and there are some that take part everywhere, while there are those that find one place to call home and stay there.. I really home you enjoy our crazy mixed up world! ^_^


What kind of trouble are you looking for? Because I've had trouble associated with my name a lot lately :P


I'll even say a bit about my WoT fan info:


1. Galad is going to save the day.


2. Noal is OBVIOUSLY Jain Farstrider! ::)


3. All the women are self-centered, and egotistical, and I couldn't love them more!


4. Demandred and Cyndane are gonna flip face in the end.


5. Series ends with time moving in a straight line rather than circular.

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The greatest thing about the Taimandred debate is this.  No one can debunk it!  The only proof anyone can point to is "RJ said so!".  If its not in a book, its not canon.


Others have posted theories of Taim being a Ishy/Demandred student, and I'm liking that thought.  But still.. I'll stick to the oldie and goody, until its proven untrue.


Also, Bela killed Asmodean.


Why would your name bring you trouble?  I don't recognize it.

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Welcome to DM!


I think Adella is refering to her "reputation" at the White Tower...of course, I could be totally wrong!


Anyway, enjoy the boards! As you have probably seen, there is much on offer here! Sadly, I can't add any of my theories as it has been a while since I have read the series - blame other books and studies getting in the way!


Don't hesitate to ask any questions about the site if you get lost or confused!

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Hey man, welcome to Dm!  I'm Krak and I'm the moderator over at the Entertainment Discussion Group and I'm also the leader of the Infantry over at the Band of the Red Hand Social Group.  Entertainment Discussion is pretty self-explanatory; we talk about movies, tv shows, and games.  So if multimedia entertainment is your niche, you should definitely drop by and give us your input.


Band of the Red Hand is all about music, travel, and food - everything a good soldier lives for.  We're in the middle of moving our off-site boards to DM, so it's  a little messy at the moment, but that's no reason not to drop by.  So if any of this sounds good, stop by and introduce yourself.


Enjoy DM and have a good time.

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