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  1. Perrin and Faile both swore oaths to Elayne, last i checked, and are considered subjects of Elayne. After Tenobia and Bashere died, Faile became Queen of Saldea, meaning that Elayne just got a very strong claim there. Could Faile simply break off and not subject herself to Elayne? It is entirely possible, but that's simply conjecture. Regardless, Perrin is not likely to leave the Two Rivers. Where did Perrin give Tam stewardship? I'm pretty sure he just left him in command for Tarmon Gai'don. Most of this is, unfortunately, conjecture. At the time of AMOL, however, Elayne had control of Andor, Cairhien, Manatherin, and Ghealdon. It is hard to say what the future will bring. No, they didn't. And they even made an agreement should Perrin and chit get the throne. There's a connection, but Elayne has no claim on Saldea, nor does she have any control over Ghealdan, Alliandre is sworn to Perrin.. Perrin never transfered that to Elayne in any POV I saw. Once Tenobia and the Basheres died, it became Elayne with Andor and Carhien and Perrin with Saldea and Ghealdan.
  2. No way. The only thing left from LTT is his soul and his memories. There is no DNA left to pass on genetic traits. Yup you are right... they were fathered after TLB... using Moridin's body. hehe i didn't think that through. or.... the genes were passed down from Tigraine's line or maybe not even that? There have been a few dark haired Aiel in the series.
  3. Seems obvious to me that Cadsuane will quickly drop the oaths when she figures out it will (at least) triple her life span. Most of the old guard that were adamant about keeping the oaths (Romanda, Suian, Egwene) are dead. I'm sure Sharina will be against holding the rod once she gains the shawl and gets that big ol automatic boost of respect. And with Cadsuane's friendship with Sorilea and the respect of the other Wise Ones, and her hold over the Windfinders (I bet Harine will be THRILLED to become Mistress of Ships after hearing who the new Amyrlin is), Cadsuane will easily surpass Egwene in terms of badassery.
  4. An Aes Sedai rules one third of the Westlands, and they have more pull on the independent factions than any other group. The Aiel have already shown respect for Cads, Nynaeve, and Elayne. Androl (who, as far as i can tell, is the second most influential person in the Black Tower) is bonded to an Aes Sedai, and it is likely those two groups will integrate. Tear and Illian have already shown that they still bow to the will of the Amyrlin Seat, that's why they were at the FoM in the first place. The Windfinders are devoutly opposed to the Seachan. Elayne has a small claim on Saldea, and the Queen of Malkier is another Aes Sedai. The White Tower, right now, is strong. And there's no reason to believe it won't be the center for learning and channeling for the next few hundred years, since the Aiel and Windfinders are likely to maintain their own, separate cultural identity and the Seachan are gonna have a hard time getting that rule. And the future doesn't matter to this discussion, since we are talking about the authority of the Amyrlin Seat right now, not down the line. Edit: "Has influence over" is not the same as "rules". The White Tower doesn't rule the Black Tower, but they are more likely to be able to affect what the Black Tower is doing than any other group, at present. Elayne has no claim on Saldea, she has a very small connection to it. With Perrin giving stewardship of the Two Rivers to Tam, and his and that chit's ascension to the throne, Ghealdan is no longer tied to Elayne either. Its only an alliance by desire now.
  5. what of Shemirhage? was´t she trying to get hold of Seanchan or did she just loll around as truthspeaker for the fun of it. And not Demandred unleash balefire ? a) we don´t know what he did in Shara , he maby killed several armies with it and second what did he do in the last battle , yes shouting balefire . and the last question : yes if you read the dark one wanted the pattern destroyed so he could remake it in his image - and the forsaken at least Demandred and Moridin was fine with it , and they were two of very few forsaken left . So you arguments dear sir is null and void. On another note , Something have been bothering me with Graendal , how did she compelled the great captain exactly ? She Use Tel'aran'rhiod to get to them, but did she simply use it a medium for transport or did she wen't into their dream , strongly suggested by Ituralde Pov . It was through their dreams, I believe. She accessed them by going to that sliver between T'A'R and the waking world where Egwene can go, the dark place where she can see everyone's dreams as lights. You may be onto something with how this would have worked on Bryne. Perhaps those wards weren't enough. Or maybe she went to him for real. lanfear told rand she could break through his wards, i'll go out on a limb and say graendal was able to pass bryne's warder bond protection.
  6. harriet is a dirty word. at least lucas had the stones to let other authors continue to expand his world.. she's only hurting the fans. I think it works much better by leaving it up to the readers' imaginations. Jordan himself said that he would leave a lot of questions unanswered because of this. Indeed. Not only that but we know RJ was against any shAred world scenario. It would be other people writing stories with no source material in his world. That is quite simply a terrible idea and we've seen how it works out in other places. Star Wars?!?! *Shudder* Yes because the absolute success of the Star Wars literary universe just goes to show you how awful of an idea that is.
  7. You may be correct. I swear that I read a transcribed interview where RJ cleared this up. I went to my WoT bookmark links and can't seem to find that particular website. Maybe someone knows the website I'm talking about? Rand severed them, read the scene again.. to paraphrase he "crushed them with weaves of spirit". And even after, it was confirmed when someone specifically said "He stilled them."
  8. Thinking back on it, instead of Lanfear standing ready to kill the girls, it should've been Moggy and Lanfear saves the day. Those two were supposedly the true masters of TAR, I would've liked to have seen them duke it out instead of Perrin just snapping Pixie Telamon's neck and Moggy getting collared.
  9. Anytime I read a Mat being awesome scene, I get "I need a hero" in my head.
  10. Laras was Bela in disguise, and everyone knows Bela is the Creator.
  11. Because there's no other proof that killing the DO would affect free will other than the DO's personal statement to Rand during that fight. And there's no point in believing that Rand sealed the DO away perfectly.. as Herid Fel stated, the bore has to be sealed so that it can be broken again in the future. Killing the DO would have ended that perpetual cycle.
  12. You're missing the point then. The point isn't that there is no evil. The point is that people have lost their free will because they don't have the option to choose anymore. No, I don't think that killing the Dark One would have taken away the right for anyone to choose anything. Not having an outside entity actively pushing evil on the world isn't the same as removing people's capacity to do bad things. I think Rand had it wrong. This is my thought also. I'm thinking the DO was able to corrupt Rand's vision so that he had to reject the idea of killing the DO. Pretty sure if he killed Shai'tan the wheel would break and time would be linear, but people would still have the free will to choose evil.. they just wouldn't have any outside boogy man influencing them.
  13. Yea I got through reading, I still stand by my statement, I reviewed it, and it seems like there's no evidence to disprove what he did was a real thing, and Moridin was just trying to rationalize it. The fat man statue retcon pissed me off. Especially since it seems it came from the debate on these forums. It was obvious something was up, and even with that Angreal, I guess we now have to assume it's powered up and nearly an San'Angreal. I mean, Demandred with the 2nd most powerful Male Sa'Angreal seemed less powerful than Rand at Maradon, but whatever I can deal with that I suppose. The Black Tower thing bothers me more, I still don't see 600 Male Channelers dying off screen. I mean really? I'm shocked that doesn't bother anyone else (My personal friends I spoke too were bothered by it) its possible a good portion of 'em are in mayene recovering from wounds/exhaustion, or elsewhere just too busted up to join Logain & co at the time.
  14. its opposite day so this is really in all caps..... why the bloody hell did faile survive? you have no idea how happy and excited i was during the last few pages, thinking faile was dead. bs is a tease. also, kids this is exactly why you engage in premarital sex... so you don't end up with a faile.
  15. They can think lies... I guess it still counts as thinking, even if someone else can 'hear' it.
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