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Wheel of Time is the greatest fantasy novel written... full stop!:) I dont read but i just keep re-reading this collection of books. I was scared when RJ passed that the gathering storm wouldnt live up to expectations. The prologue... scared me a little then it blossomed into one of the most exiting reads ive read in the series. I would only put the great hunt above the gathering storm. Straight to the action ... was a piece of art.


Now the wait begins for the next installment.. :(


Thanks to robert jordan for creating a world that I can escape to when this world doesnt offer the joys that it should :)


Never dead you shall always live on with the wheel of time... a legacy for all ages past present and future.



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Welcome to DM!


I think you will find a lot of people love WoT as much as you do. I have only read it 3 times, and I only started a little under 3 years ago. When everyone talks about waiting so long for the next book, I go "what do you mean?".



I hope you enjoy the discussion threads if you plan on sticking around.

If you just wanted to post some words about RJ and his work, you can copy your post HERE. Although, I don't think anyone would mind. :)



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Welcome to DM!


I am going to disagree with you over WoT being the greatest fantasy series ever. I think there are better series out there. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Enjoy browsing the site, and don't hesitate to ask any questions about anything that happens here if you get lost and/or confused. :)

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