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Hey I am New here


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Hi Kasper welcome to Dragonmount! 


This place is huge but hopefully you'll find whatever you're looking for with ease.  We have discussions on the books (with and without spoilers so watch for notices about that), discussions on the movie, on the video game...


We have organizations (called orgs) that are named after the groups in randland who group site members according to their real life interests to you can meet and hang out with fellow fans who have something in common with you.


And, of course, we have the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World (DRPSW) in which you can create a character to interact in a world like that in Jordan's books.  Make an Aiel, Aes Sedai, White Cloak... whatever!  (Psst... I got cookies if you join the Blue Ajah *wink*)


Whatever you're looking for, DM probably has it in the way of fan stuff.  Don't forget to fan DM on facebook and follow on twitter ... I find the "Ask the Chosen" particularly funny.


I'm here if you're looking to chat about anything (I'm into a lot of the same things as you) or want an rp partner! 

Happy Holidays and WELCOME!


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Nice Miya...:D


I like your technique. Do you have this saved? Cause that is a smaet thing to do...


Heck, all I did was say 'Hello'.


P.S. Shayol Ghul is the place for you.


We have all sorts of evil fun. ;)


P.S. A "*stab*" is our standard greetings.

Here is a link if you would like to check out our New Members thread:

Shayol Ghul - New Members


Check out different areas and then see why we are the best.  ;D

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The general information about the site?  I wrote that up today and used it to share some intel with the newbies while saying hello (and shamelessly recruiting for the blue ajah.)


To be honest some of the best friends I've made from DM, I met while they were new and feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost on the site.  So... shameless recruiting:  yes.  Heartless greetings meant to make other hello's to the new person look bad:  no. 


I'm always glad to see new people and I figure the more of us who say hello, the more welcome they feel.  :)  Nice to meet you too, btw, ed.  ;)

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Hmmmm just so happens I'm in the market for a warder.   Any chance your character isn't already promised to one of the other ic sisters?  Perhaps our characters would be a good match to one another.  :)




Hey!  Who let the red-headed step-children of rand-land in here?  *winks playfully at the aiel*  nah, the Aiel are a great group too but um... *cough*go blue*cough*  always keep your options open!

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You get a spear, a bottle of water, get to live in the Waste and become the toughest warriors alive  :D


Even these great warriors turn to the Shadow...;)


BTW, any questions on anything in DM, and we will all help you.




EDIT NEW: I am the pillow. ;) {Yes, I am pretty much promised...}

Darkfriends come from all walks of life my friend. ;)

Even the wonderful Blue. :D

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Vicious lies... there is no black ajah.  *harumph*  Your sister will make sure you're painfully aware of that when you're bonded nice and proper.  *wink*


And no honeycakes for evil bad guys ... the Aiel can, of course, feel free to enjoy them.

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Don't change the subject you shadowsworn fool!  *waves honeycakes' smell in your direction*


Yea, but hopefully he knows we chose his thread to have this mortal combat of good vs. evil because he's just so darn special.  Maybe he's like ta'veran?  He pulled us into his little area of the pattern.  Hmmm... we'll have to watch this one closely  *brown ajah in her sneaks out to scribe some notes*


Oh and Reyoru ... may you always find shade and milk to go with that cookie.  ;)  I don't suppose YOU have a character able to be bonded in the drpsw?  LOL

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