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Hello from Singapore!


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Anyway, here is some introduction of myself.


I am from Singapore, and I had read the WOT since I was 15. But I went to a misguided church that claimed that everything fantasy was from the devil, and so I threw away all my WOT books and stopped reading them.


Anyway, I realised my church was a bit fanatical and stopped attending it. Since then, I had started to re-read the fantasy books. I had read books from other fantasy authors.


Just recently, I bought the WOT books again, from book 1 until book 11 in paperback format. I would buy book 12 as soon as it was available in paperback format.


I just finished reading the eye of the world, the great hunt, the dragon reborn and the new spring. I kind of enjoyed reading them. Especially the new spring. I found moiraine to be very funny at times. Especially her pranks with Lan, and her opinions on things.


Hope to know all of you better in this forum.


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Good to meet you S. 

I totally understand the whole 'strict religion' thing.  A lot of churches here in the midwestern United States preach the same thing.  I'm sorry you had to deal with that.


However, you're here now and we're so glad that you are!  There's a lot to see and do at dragonmount from taking part in the social community (called the Org-side of DM) to discussions about the books and other Jordan-esque goodness (movie, video games etc) to taking part in the roleplaying in the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World (called the DRPSW or Division-side of DM)


It can be overwhelming at first but trust me when I say there are a lot of very nice folks here who will help you find your way around and to what interests you. 


Welcome to DM!

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Welcome to DM!


When groups do that sort of thing, I just want to shake them - they are just books! But at least you are able to read and enjoy them again.


I think Miya has pretty much covered what goes on here at DM. So all I think I can say is ask us any questions should you get lost or confused, or want any tips on what to see and do. :)

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Hi hi! I'm Crystal Lynn or Little Miss ^^ Which ever you prefer <3 Btw we have a member in the White Tower Organization that's from Singapore! I bet he'd flip to meet you :p Lol well mabey.. He can be an oddball <3 But that's why we love him. *nods head*


Any who  ::) Feel free to ask me any questions you have! :)

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...but trust me when I say there are a lot of very nice folks here who will help you find your way around and to what interests you...


Except Miya of course. ;)

lol..jk...she is very nice.





At Shayol Ghul, we welcome people with stabs. Have fun discussing the books and browsing through DM. There is so much offered here about the books and practically anything else.




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