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Is There A Character That It Woud Just BREAK Your Heart If They Died? - For Me:

The Fisher King

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Seems to me that Caddy's a character that's gonna bite it from old age rather than anything the DO would throw at her. Too stubborn to die, lol. As for me, it would really suck if Mat or Thom died (you can't kill the comic relief), or if someone like Hurin bit the dust taking one for Lord Rand. That would not be cool lol.

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Perrin and Faile can be swallowed by the Pit of Doom for all I care. Most boring characters in the series. Forever being grouchy and unsure and jealous and questioning their relationship. Perrin has serious inferiority issues.


Nynaeve would be the one I don't want to die... and the main girls I support.. Tuon.. Siuan.

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