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This is the first forum ive joined in years..


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Hi, my name is Kate, and i like fish, frozen corn, and having a mohawk.


I'm a little apprehensive about joining a new forum because the last one i joined was about three of four years ago for FF7:ac. and of course once the film came out community fell right apart. but im looking forward to being in a totally different area and subject.


I dont really know what else to say, but i certainly hope i make some new friends.

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Welcome FishFish! Interesting now...why not something like DuckBilledPlatypusDuckBilledPlatypus??  ;D


Have a good look around the boards, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you get lost, stuck or confused. We're here to help.


I don't think we will be falling apart - we still have another 3 books to go. And who knows what else the future has in store for the world of WoT!

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3 books to go, I thought we only had one?! *is confused*


Welcome to DM FishFish! Be sure to take a look around!  I'm Jea, Assassin of the Archers in the Band of the Red Hand.  *hands the newbie some brownies and Brew Tea*


Like both Corki and WW said, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Oh, and be sure to have some fun!

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they split the last book into 3 *grumbles*


welcome to the site *lays out pillows and some oosquai*


i wouldn't worry about this site falling apart *knocks on wood*  though that does seem to happen alot with forums centered around books and such.


like winterwinds said, we've got 3 books to go, and then there are the awesome Orgs ;)  if ya get board, check em out, theres a home there for everyone

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*pokes Tor with a spear*


three sperate books. first one comes out 10/27 this year.  Sanderson says expect each book to be released around Nov of the following years.


2nd book - Nov 10

Memory of Light - Nov 11


but publishing went well so they moved the release date of Gathering Storm a few weeks early


Tor said the book would be to big to release as one volume, they wanted to release a book this year so they came up with the 3 book idea versus 2.


Sanderson said he had 3 plot points he could stop at without ending a book inthe middle of a plot and with tieing loose ends.


all 3 are expected to be around 700 or so pages right now.  i think Gathering Storm is about 728 or soemthing like that.


heres a link to DM's info on the split



heres a link to Sandersons blog abotu the split


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