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Room for a Dwarf?


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Well, if you don't mind another axe swinger in your troop, I guess I could be joining you all for a cup and a pipe of tabac 'fore bed.


Have read all 11 except for the prequel, and have probably forgotten more than I remember.


Absolutely love the books and have become a big fan over the years.


Normally try and read in between semesters when I am not as busy and need something to fill my evenings.


What's this about an RPG?

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Guest Egwene

Hello Gimli... welcome to Dragonmount.


Looks like the flood of RP guys is on holiday at the moment...lol. Well, if you are interested in joining them... the first thread on this board should give you pointers in the right direction (of RP... not holiday, that is *g*)

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im trying to get into the rpers rooms but its taking a while to get my bio approved, but thats because i dont understand anything, everyone here will tell you that.


Welcome gimli, a dwarf hu???? antother axe swinger. Sounds good, i like the axe my self but decided to go to assasin instead of late. Much more.......devious.

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Hi and welcome from the roleplay! I've been sunning myself on the rocky beaches of Dorset, England, but now I am back. 8) As to the roleplay - if you're a total newcomer, it's a kind of interactive story that several hundred people are involved in creating, with each person playing a number of characters who interact with each other and with the overall plot. If you know your roleplays, it's a third-person, past-tense, message board based roleplay with reasonably strict rules, no power gaming and as few statistics as possible. Let me know if I can give anyone a hand with it. :)

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