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Greetings and Salutations


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Why do people always spell my rank with a double "L"?? I punished the whole Band for spelling it incorrectly!  ;D


Most ORGs have probably changed - you may as well look around and see for yourself. There is also a thread on this board that highlights what each ORG covers, though it may be a bit outdated...

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Welcome Back, or perhaps just Welcome :D


I would say have a good look around but you might already know what you are doing so I can skip that.


Corki is right, save for the outdated part (Me and the other Moderator updated that thread not to long ago I think) but still go look at it :D


And Corki, people mispell Marshal wrong most likely out of habit, I see it all the time in World of Warcraft and still spell it wrong xD

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