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Lanfear's Return?


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Anyone who's read the entire series knows that Moraine will definitely be returning before Tarmon Gaidon.  Given that she'll be coming back, what about Lanfear?  If Moraine didn't die in the Ter Angreal its just as likely that Lanfear lived.


What role do you think she'll play if she does return?  How will she react to all that Rand has accomplished?  Will she try to bed him again or see him as an implacable enemy?


I liked her as a character, and I liked the complications it made for Rand since he refuses to harm women.  It would serve to bring things full circle.  Since Lews Therin will die at Tarmon Gaidon it would be interesting to see a final reunion between the two.


Whatcha think?

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Like another poster told, Lanfear is now Cyndane.

She has been back since Crown of Swords.  (When Moghedien sees Moridin, she sees two mindtraps; one is hers, later events tell that the other is Cyndane's.)

The first on screen action is in Path of Daggers.


Actually Lanfear might have died, though not immediately.

Her death might have been due to the Eelfinn/Aelfinn or might have been her own choice.


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I'm re-reading WH right now.  I didn't see anything in CoS to prove that Cyndane was Lanfear, though I can see the similiarities based on her behavior.  Was there some confirmation I missed?  How do we know she's Lanfear? 


Maybe that comes later.  I haven't read the later books since they came out so maybe I should just wait until I finish them.  It will probably answer my own question =X

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The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 6 (Lanfear speaking of the Choedan Kal)


"With those together the other Chosen will kneel at our feet.  We can supplant the Great Lord himself, challenge the Creator."


Winters Heart, Chapter 35 (Cyndane's thoughts as the cleansing starts)


So he had found a woman to use the other access key.  She would have faced the Great Lord - faced the Creator! - with him.  She would have shared the power with him, let him rule the world at her side.  And he had spurned her love, spurned her!


Not much doubt to it after that.

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