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Did anybody else besides me go?  And if so, what did you think?  I got a little woozy due to the IMAX 3-D just Pounding dizzy action scene after dizzy action scene in my face.  And I don't easily get motion sickness.  So as much as I really enjoyed the footage I saw on IMAX, I may be seeing the full lenght movie on the regular screen.


Aside from all of that, my chin hung down near to the floor for just about the whole preview.  Awesome stuff!

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Dang, Empy, you didn't know? I'm sorry, I should have announced it.  I did on Facebook, but I forgot to do that here.  Bad Mendorah! 


I read a blog feed that mentioned it was coming and so I hovered over the website until I got my pass.  Then lost the pass e-mail and cried, then Rejoiced because they system screwed up and they e-mailed everyone who had registered to re-register, so I got my ticket back.  And, they were Double smart.  They sent out a backup ticket/reminder e-mail the day of the screening for those who had already lost theirs.

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Cameron previewed 20 or so minutes of this in 3D at Comic Con in San Diego.  Then he announced that he was going to bring 15 minutes of the preview to movie theatres because the trailer online is in 2D and it just doesn't do the film justice.  In order to get a ticket, which was free, you had to go to the website on the day they released them and register for up to two tickets.  So last Friday I got to see the 15 minute preview in IMAX 3D.

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