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Hello, hello!


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Over the past few years I have stumbled into this community numerous times, but have never considered joining with a registered account! This makes me an absolute newbie, I guess. (Thanks to Kevin Dean for fixing the little error that wouldn't allow me to log in initially :) )


I first found From the Two Rivers at my school library, and by the end of 2002 I had finished the whole of The Eye of the World and was well into The Great Hunt - something I thought was impressive for a seventh grade student! Since then I have read the series from start to finish again, and with the release of both CoT and KoD, read the previous books as a refresher. Having only read the entire series twice, I am probably not such a die-hard fan as other members in this site, but I'm eager to check out the forums and share my excitement for TGS!


Here's to a great couple of months of anticipation!

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Welcome to Dragonmount, jazzyjess!  Do you have a preferred nickname we could call you by? :)


It's so exciting to have new members!


And I know about the read-throughs; I've only been through the entire series three times, and some here have read the books more than 10 times....  But plenty of us don't have that kind of time or energy, so don't feel like you're any less of a fan just because you haven't read the books so much.  I know some people here who love the books but still haven't read through them all ONCE. :)


Anyway, what are you looking for here at DM?  Are you mostly looking to RP, discuss the books, spam, or join the Orgs/community side? :D

You can do as many of those things as you want, too!


Again, welcome! ;D


If you have any questions about anything, feel free to PM me!

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Thank you for the warm welcome, mmeeshal and LedZepMan! I live for spoilers, and already have about a hundred questions. I'm not sure what any of the Orgs are about or how the RP section works, but hopefully as I keep observing they will start to make sense. :)

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I had the same problem. Orgs are communities of like minded individuals. The Band is music and travel related, Seanchan is gaming, entertainment, and movies. THe wolfkin is about nature. Go ahead and jump into the orgs public boards, and you shall find out.


I have never done anythng on the RP side, but it is a place where you can make your own character, and start making your own story. Raena could tell you more.


And there is always Fiddlesticks



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Welcome to DM!


I still find it hard to believe I have only read the series properly once. I have dipped in now and then when I wanted to look up something (usually relating to the Band), but I guess that is also a result of not actually living with my books (they are at my parents' house).


And Led has described ORGs quite well. And done a good job of describing the Divisions of the RP world - more affectionately known as the Dark Side. ;)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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Thank you for the welcome, Corki and Phariah! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't read such a daunting series once every few months :)


And thanks for the rundown, LedZepMan! I've been going through some of the threads in the ORGs and learning as I go.

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