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Is matt still linked to the horn of valere?


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Im a new member Iv'e read the books 6-7 times and Im reading dragon reborn again

Its says in the books that someone who blows the horn of valere is linked to it and the only

way for that link to be broken is from that person to die..but matt did die for like 2 mins in

shadow rising does that mean that his is still or can anyone blow the horn of valere...


that do you think?

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Yes he is, since he was killed by Rhavin, he died. But when Rand used that HUGE amount of balefire on Rhavin, it went back to before Mat was struck by the lightning bolt, so therefor he never died, (just to Rands memory). So therefor, with my mad scientific theory, Mat is still connected to the Horn. Hope I helped  :D

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I think, either way, people (himself included) still believe him linked to the horn.  THerefore I doubt anyone will try to blow it except for him, so he will end up blowing it either way.


Unless RJ decided to put in a twist and have someone who didn't know matt was linked blow it randomly and by that we find out mat isn't linked anymore

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