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A mighty creature ascends from the clouds, while I sit here eating muffins.

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Hello and Greetings to you all^^ I am T.P.Writer, you can call me whatever you want, and before anyone ask, No. I do not really write.. I just thought the name was fancy :P Still, I am at least half decent at writing.. I am just far too lazy to do anything about it.


I joined here after a traumatizing evening in the company of.. what is his name here? Dunbar? Demi I have heard him named... I am an acquaintance of him^^ He got abnormally drunk (even for being him) and decided to post on forums.. one thing led to another, and here you see me now.^^


I could continue, rambling on about the errs of Demi, but seeing as this is my introduction thread, I gather that I should rather not^^


I am male, 18, somewhere cold, and I'm polite. I have no traumatizing background, I dislike drama, and I have an overly optimistic view to life. I am happy most of the time.


Hobbies: Reading, Astronomy, Writing (to some extent), and abusing Dunbar verbally and physically.


Other than that I suppose you will have to ask me should you wonder about anything.. Nice to be here, might stay, read the books, and..uhm.. yes^^ that should be it!


Elen Sïla lumenn omentielvo! (whoops, wrong books :P )



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Another snorewegian? Crap. And I just managed to get rid of those other ones too. :P


I read about your drunken adventure with Demi, it was highly entertaining. Also, I should imagine that you are well set up with a guide already for these forums, if you're so trusting of Demi of course.

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Our drunken adventure? What have this no-good backpacker told you? :P Yes, I was Mr.Writer, but compared to him I was as sober as a.. something sober. He didn't make it either :P Despite what he himself thinks. (He told you himself that he didn't remember anything from the second film. Well that was because he was sleeping.


Demi is my personal plaything and punching bag.. Why should I entrust him with anything? He can't even hold his drink :P


Yes, yes.. I am indeed a Norwegian, and I can guarantee you.. I am  not easy to get rid of. Especially if you can't even get rid of Demi.


@Demi: Be silent! Don't make me slap you again.. I know where you live.

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;D  *chuckles* Over here across the pond, t.p. stands for toilet paper. *giggles* So, I immediately thought of 'writing that is not particularly worthy of anything but -' well, you know. Sorry.  ;)


But, hey, any friend (or dominator) of Demi is a friend (but not dominator) of mine! Welcome to DM!


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*knuckle-crackle* Reply time!


@Demi: Heel boy!


@Corki: Thank you for the kind welcome^^ I am sure I will more than enjoy my stay here ;)


@Winterwinds: Oh we both know who is the most dominant.. He just lives in some kind of morbid denial. Either that, or stupidity..


@Raena: Hee^^ Thank you quite a lot!

Well.. A frille, simply put, was a term they used long ago, for a woman that was the lover of a man, who was not her husband.. But in this case it was just a degrading name, given to women or slightly effeminate men, Which I myself would like to say was justly given in this case.


@Loreina: I am perfectly aware of this, and you are not the first to remark this :P You really have no idea how many people thinks it is a funny and original idea to make a pun out of my name :P Just know that I am a writer that do not write, alright? ;)


Dominator? Oh no, we do not have that kind of a relationship :P I just bully him around. (He keeps telling me that he loves me, asks if we can have sex, and most annoyingly, CONSTANTLY asks how my day has been.. Whilst drinking this worsens tenfold!)




The pitiful Writer

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Always happy to be the source of bemusing ;)


..Although I fear that I am not quite myself on these forums.. I am usually a rather pleasant fellow (I myself would like to think at least..) But whenever Demi is around? well.. he kind of brings out the snarky, semi-psychotic and sarcastic core in me, with the whole "holier-than-thou" factor and everything.. Although to my defence... I, uh.. I forgot what my defence was right there >_< Give me a minute and I'm sure I'll manage to think of it.. *sits and ponders*

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