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Shockwave comp for August


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Shockwave Competition!


Find a shockwave or flash game on the net. (There are loads of free sites around). Send me a PM with the link to the game and a description of the game and why it's so good (a few lines will do). These are then posted on here and in the middle of the month opened up for people to vote for their favourite.


I am now accepting submissions for August. You have until the 15th August to get your games to me Via PM. After that dat I will post them on this thread and you can all vote for one game only, and the voting will go on until the end of the month. Winners will then be announced and the points will be awarded as well.


1st place-20 points

2nd place-10 points

Game submision - 5 points

Voting - 3 points


Game submissions will be accepted until the 20th of March, please PM me with your submission.


Remember that submiting and voting gets you 8 points, so please send something in and vote.

1. Drift 'n' Burn 365




Race your opponents high above the Earth's surface. Drifting earns more points for boosts of power. Beat your opponent to collect new and better cars!

2. Dragon infestation




Got a pesky dragon infestation? Well no problem! Cause you got the biggest bow on the planet! Shoot the dragons down before they make it to your castle!


P.S. Good luck with level 26



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Okay we have two nominations, so for the rest of this month you can vote for which one of the two games that you prefer.


Post on this thread (do not spam...I mean that!)


Points will be for tose who vote, not just those that submit the games and those who win.





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Mention Dragons, and they will come.




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i will go with Drift (just don't like to see it get none  :P )






Drift 1


congrats TMD for wining and thanks to Ellie for second..




TMD 28pts

Ellie 18pts

MCs 3pts

Aran Corval Alandar 3pts

Dsage 3pts


The next one will go up in October!


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