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Hot Thread Points...June/July


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So this time was over two months, becasue June wasn't done. So here are the points awarded for this period!


Meesh: 35pts

Demi: 17pts

Talya: 17pts

aptl: 12pts

Vanion: 12pts

Zop: 10pts

Jelly: 10pts

Dsage: 5pts

Lews: 5pts

Dragon: 2pts

Jadyn: 2pts


So the winner of this month goes to MEESH...an extra 10pts to you!

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*celebrates* ;) :D


Thank you all for posting in my threads, I couldn't have done it without you!


Let's all have a cup of taint, on me!



And since I'm posting after Talya:



Talya is the best one here

She's very sweet and very dear

She's glorious and quite the wonder

There's no one who can steal her thunder


As new OL I know she'll shine

I know it in this heart of mine

Go, Talya! Of the lighties great

Your efforts we appreciate.

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Hot Threads


DM Hot Threads


Now at the main boards is where your gonna make the real points. Hot Threads are those in the Black Tower (Org) Forum. The points are gonna be distibuted like this:


3 pages  - 5 points

10 pages - 2 points

15 pages - 2 points

20 pages - 2 points


After 20 pages thread maybe locked, unless it is a game or some other activity.



Kapish? :D




DSage posted before me

And so I am a bard to be

It can be fun and can be tough

But I can never get enough


DSage is a member of this Org

And hopefully not of the Borg

He is just a Civie yet

But not for long, I'd bet.


Go DSage, post some more

Earn a bunch of points galore

And buy some points for the One Power

So you can advance in the Black Tower.

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