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Hey guys!


Alright, *rubs hands together* I would like to start my term(hehe) with finding out what you guys want to see of the Blue Ajah. Would you like to see there be more members? Would you like to see the Blue's involved more in Major RP's? What do you think is the other Ajah's and N&A's view of the Blue Ajah here at DM?


Personally, I have always been under the impression in RL that it doesn't matter what other people think, but that is of me as a person in particular. Here, we are an Ajah, and in my opinion (and I know we have a Red infiltrator  ;)), the best Ajah. We have a lot of freedoms in the Blues with our different Causes, and things that we can dedicate ourselves to. Our stereotype doesn't restrict us like it may with the other Ajahs. Yes, everthing usually comes back to bringing some kind of Justice to something; but if you think about it, we can dedicate ourselves to almost anything. We could immerse ourselves in acquiring knowledge like the Browns, we could dedicate ourselves to finding the best kind of Healing like the Yellows, dive into politics like the Grays, hate men like the Reds (hehehehe :P, I know I know that's not necessarily true). Anyways, what I'm saying is...we rock, and we need to step it up a bit and show it.




I've had the best experience in this Ajah, and met some of the greatest people!


...but, it's not just about me and what I believe, it's about what you guys want. So, please, let me know.






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I have worked 24h in the last two days...  This has been a regular occurrence for the last three weeks


I have lots of ideas (spending 12h in cornfields in pouring rain with nothing to do but think and count to ten tends to breed ridiculous plotlines in my head) but I haven't had time yet to do more than keep up with what's happening.


Are you going to be around today Carly?  I finally have a day off.

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I completely understand, guys. I work 12h days on the weekends, and sometimes go to school during the week.  ;) I also am chasing around a 20 month old( OMG he's getting so big!), so I definately understand. I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about where they would like us to go.


This passed week my son got sick and neither of us slept for three days, so I have not posted much of anything either.


I intend to get some done today if we don't get to busy at work.


Stel- Corn fields, eh? In Manitoba it's potatoes Haha!



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