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  1. Serena had arrived to the classroom early, and had chosen to sit behind the large mahogany desk with her feet up on a chair opposite her. She relaxed and waited for her students to arrive. Once again she had been incredibly pleased with the work Kathleen and Regalia had done. This class had been written specifically for Accepted and was NOT an easy one. Serena wasn't normally huge on homework, but this class was designed to help the girls think on their Ajah choices, whether they were to choose the Blue or not; although, it definately was directed towards..perhaps...molding them in the right d
  2. Serena was very proud of her students, both Katherine and Regalia were very promising Accepted, and the White Tower would be a better place with the two of them instilled as Servants of All. Gently, she pressed down the buttons of the front of her coat with the palm of her hand. Her eyes twinkling with the anticipation of what was in store for the young women, in their years to come. "Good afternoon ladies. Today we’ll be addressing the tools of the trade for the Blue Sister of the White Tower.” “As many of you are well aware, the Blue Ajah is often considered to be a group whose ex
  3. OOC: Sorry, guys, I had finals and papers due this week, so I got behind on my RPing. Won't happen again. IC: Lesson 3 Serena walked into the classroom and smiled at the students there. She’d greatly enjoyed watching them in the past lesson and reading their thoughts from their reports. Each of them showed a great deal of the beginnings of what it took to be a member of the Blue Ajah. Today however, she was going to break a little further into the depths of what it meant to be a Blue… the Cause. “Good afternoon, Students.” She chirped brightly as she came to stand
  4. "Wonderful questions, indeed." Serena pursed her lips and pressed her fingertips together in her lap, so that they formed an arch. The girl had obviously thought a lot about the subject, much as Serena had from the time she was an Accepted. Granted, she could not tell Kathleen all that she knew, and some of it, she did not even know herself. "At times, I wonder if I would have been better suited as a Yellow, because I have wondered the very same thing about Healing the madness." She smirked at the thought. Her, spending all of that time Healing? No, that was not where her interests lay co
  5. Running her finger along the printed lines of the book before, Serena pursed her lips and pondered her subject matter. Although her bond to Arath had been broken months ago, she still wondered if there could have been any lasting affects. More than likely, it would be much like the bond between Warder and Aes Sedai. Only, the Taint of the Dark One hadn’t been laced into THAT. She huffed at her sarcastic thought, re-crossed her legs beneath the table, and leaned forward again. Tapping her lips softly as she read, the Blue could have lost herself in her studies, and she would have had she not
  6. Preparing for her lesson that day, Serena reflected over the previous lesson. She had really enjoyed two of her students. Kathleen, she knew from their quiet talks in the library, and the girls curiosity of many of the subjects that Serena, herself, was interested in. It was a pleasure teaching the young woman. Another student had suprised Serena, and she berated herself for not having met with the girl sooner. Regalia was an Aspirant to the Blue Ajah and the Ajah Head herself had not met with the girl personally. Granted, Regalia would not know who Serena was until she was welcomed into the A
  7. Down the long quiet corridors to the Tower which contained the classrooms, came a small curvy form. Pixie like raven hair framed her crème colored skin and tilted emerald eyes; giving her a soft motherly quality… all save her shapely lips which seemed to always hold something of a mischievous smile upon them. Dressed in a simple blue dress, Serena Morrigan had forgone her favored breeches and jacket for today’s attire; for today it was most important she make a good impression. Today she would teach the class the Blue Ajah had asked Espara A'Dautry to write about the Blue Ajah. Today she might
  8. "I am finding being Accepted is a lot different for me than being a Novice was. Not for the role or the new dress, of course, I have just been changing in attitude it seems. When I first arrived I was timid and overwhelmed. I was awestruck by the Tower and all that came along with it, and I closed off to everyone. I didn't want to stand out, but in doing so I lost touch with who I was. Since I gained my ring I have realized how shut out I was making myself, and how much I've missed by over thinking. Now I am just starting to let down my guards, but it seems it is harder than I had thought it w
  9. The girl arrived back at Serena’s table, and the Aes Sedai studied her. The steps she had taken back to the table had been almost “bouncy”, and as soon as the girl probably thought that Serena was watching her, she composed herself into a stiff manner as she approached. Her curtsy had been too deep again, and now she stood with the rigidity of a soldier. No doubt the poor child is running circles in her head about what is proper, and what is not. Oh, Daes Dae’mar had been so much fun to inflict upon the younger women of the White Tower, when Serena had first been raised to the shawl; however
  10. Mashadar, the dark and mysterious power that seems to keep even the forces of the Dark One out of the city, is not unlike… Serena ran her finger along the lines of text, as if she had never read the sentence before. …the menacing and corroding darkness of Machin Shin, or the Black Wind, in The Ways. Some think… Serena had not noticed the moving tower of books that was headed straight for her table, and it was at that moment the tower collapsed right on top of her. Heavy volumes, fit for only a Brown, smashed on top of her hands and pushed her books down onto the floor. Pushing back in h
  11. The loud clicking of heeled boots echoed in the cool, stone corridors of the White Tower. If emotions were capable of manipulating the One Power, Serena would have been encapsulated in a bubble of flames and dragging behind her a path of destruction. She was fuming on the inside, and every time she thought about it her feet picked up their pace, and her long blue coat flared out behind her. The blasted women treat me like a child just loosened from her mother’s apron strings! How dare they undermine me during an Ajah meeting! The diminutive Saldaean Blue had been meeting with the Ajah regard
  12. I've been living for so long, many seasons have passed me by. I've seen kingdoms through ages rise and fall, I've seen it all. I've seen the horror, I've seen the wonders happening just in front of my eyes. Will I ever, will I never free myself by making it right? ~ Jillian, by Within Temptation Rain pelted at the glass window pane, and the howling wind swept currents of debris at the White Tower walls. The elements making their personal attack on the fragile-appearing fortress that held the most powerful women in the world. Cracks in the stone allowed the wind to infiltra
  13. As Serena’s sobs rattled through her, she cursed herself for being a weak woman, let alone any type of Aes Sedai. If the woman seriously thought about it, she would have found it difficult to pinpoint the last time she had cried. The Tower, and the symbol of what it meant to be Aes Sedai, was tough on the soul. Although her tears were silent, and she did not wail like a toddler, the Blue Sister did not know that Thera had moved. The lithe and agile Tower Guard slipped from her seat and knelt at Serena’s feet. The warm and strong hands that held her own were callused from sword-use, yet soft an
  14. "An army, Sister? Is that all you've heard?" Light, had the woman not heard the rumours in the cities she has passed through on her journey towards the Tower? "Well, you could call it merely an army if one lived in the Age of Legends; and even then..." Serena trailed off with her thoughts. No, not even in the Age of Legends were men bred to channel the One Power as a weapon, they had been much the same as the Aes Sedai were now. Shaking her head, she placed both her feet firmly on the floor and sat up, leaning in towards the elder Aes Sedai. "I understand that you keep your network where
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