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Oh, hell, I suppose LedZ has a nice ring to it. I suppose it dont matter to me. What ever you feel like lol. So I have a question. Are there like special events and such that the orgs organize and stuff? I just aint grasping the concept of the orgs, and the rp side dont quite make sense either. Of course, I am new to this sort of stuff, the only experience with this online stuff was when I played EQOA, and the forums were not near as complex as this. So if you someone could explain a little bit of how, and what the orgs and rps are, that would really do me a solid.

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:)  Are you a Led Zeppelin fan? That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the name.


The Orgs are communities of like-minded individuals. Places where we hang out and make friends. We talk about everything under the sun, jobs, familys, kids, hobbies, problems, celebrations, in addition to the usual politics, religion, and sex. *lol* J/K about the sex - it's a PG13 site.  :)

The stickies describe each org I think. It's been a while since I looked at them, sorry.  :-[  For example, the Illuminators are artists, writers, crafters, etc. The Band is music-based. The Wolfkin is nature-based. The Seanchan do movies. TV, and gaming, I think. We Ogier do all that and drink ale and read books.  ;) :D  The Tower is very big because it contains the separate Ajahs and the Warder Guild. Most Orgs ask that you earn a certain number of points and progress through ranks before receiving full membership. It's a fun thing and keeps you involved in the Org.  :)

The Orgs do organize special events that take place here at DM. They vary by Org.


The Role Playing Div is completely separate from the Orgs. Raena or Liitha could tell you about it; I don't RP, but I wish I had the time to do so.

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