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Oh no, another newbie!


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Yes, another newbie to this forum. I am not new to WoT though. I have been reading them since they first came out. I enjoy fantasy/adventure/scifi and read just about every author I can get my hands on. Anyway, I will just lurk for a while to get the sense of the place and interject from time to time. I am also wanting to keep up on how RJ is doing health-wise. He and Harriet are in my prayers.

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Hi and welcome to dragonmount!! Lurking is indeed fun at first. I did it for about 3 or 4 months before I even decided to join, but getting on and getting in on the fun is where it's really at. I recomend fiddlesticks if you want to have some fun, nothing very serious ever happens over there and you can really get to know some of the people here. Most of us are a little crazy. :wink: Anyway, hope you have fun here, and don't wait too long to join the fun! See you around. :D

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Guest Egwene

Welcome, Odessa :D


Have a go at joining in!! As you have read all the books, you probably have followed a lot of the debates on the book discussion boards... now at last you can voice it when you toatlly don't agree with one of the wacky theories... and don't forget to vote in the Asmo poll *grin*

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Guest TheDemigod

hey and welcome to dragonmount! I hope you'll have a great time here, and please do com eby the yellow ajah's boards!

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