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New guy *wonders how many posts have been titled that*


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Hey i'm new. I've been avoiding these forums for a long time but now that i'm half way through book 7 i feel i can avoid spoilers enough that i've been reading some posts.


I probably won't be very active till i finish the series as far along as it is.


I've been playing D&D since i was 14 (i'm now 20) and I've picked up various roleplaying games along the way. This was how i was introduced to Wheel of time. The release of the d20 wheel of time game grabed my attention. I was however reading some other books at the time and didn't actualy start reading the series until last year.


I'm currently reading about a WoT book a month.


My other favorite authors are Philip k. Dick and Frank Herbert.

My favorite book is VALIS


My hobbies? well thanks for asking.

I enjoy playing RP games, I drum and play guitar, I also enjoy writing poetry and fiction.

I am currently in college for a degree in software development.


My favorite characters in wheel of time are Loial and Perrin.

The tinker and the Aiel really intrest me because, as a pacifist myself, i have often wondered whether the pacifist philosophy can ultimatly work.



If i sound intresting or you have a Wheel of time d20 game going online, that takes place before the 7th book, feel free to contact me


i use MSN and my e-mail is pj34@hotmail.com


i'll probably join the roleplaying here when i feel safe against spoilers haha


Thanks for reading the novel i've written on myself


*hopes his signature comes out right*

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Guest Egwene

Welcome, Tathel :D


Apart from those two book discussion boards at the top of the forum , the rest should be fairly free from any spoilers, so have a go :D


If you have any questions regards RP, ask Sirayn... she is the resident expert. You'll also find some info in the announcemet thread at the top of this board.


Hope you like it here :P

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Guest TheDemigod

Hey and welcome to dragomount!


I hope you'll have a grat time here and please do come by the yellow ajah boards for a chat :D

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