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The assasin in your dreams

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Well since i was just on a huge discussion thing on msn i thought i would stop by.


I just dont know though if i can join the band. Can i since i am already in the black tower, the white tower, and the blue ajah. Thats three orgs. And your only suppost to be able to have three.

If i can somehow get past that i would love to join the band of the red hand.


So this is kinda a greeting post so hello to all your crazy and drunk people of the band. Its nice to finally smell the sweet aroma of good wine, and fine dancing.

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hi kepen.. wqelcome to the band..


just fyi, the Blue ajaa isnt an org, it is a part of the Tower, just like the archers is a part of the Band, just as an example. and you can joinas many orgs as you want to!


and we have brew! so welcome, and make yourself at home!

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As Horn pointed out, there are now no limits on ORGs! Join them all if you want!


If you want to join the Band, head upto the Raw Recruit thread in the announcements, and sign up! Once I see that, an email from me will be on its way to you!


Oh, we drink Brew, not wine!!!



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Its good to be here.


Thoughs msn convos are crazy, like 10 people talking at once. It was just nuts.


Well if you guys havnt noticed yet, i would love to be an assasin, for the band. Taking out those who.....well need to be taken out. Lol

So i hope that you will open your arms wide for a hopefully new assasin one day.

*not to wide other wise i may get the edge to shove a knife in ur heart* ---Aiel humor

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