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Visited often but finally taken residence


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Hi to all, I have visited this site many times when seeking information on this series but just now be came a member. I stumbled upon a hardcover copy of "The Eye of the World" in my local library while starving for something to read, it was a match made in heaven, or maybe hell :) if you ask my wife, considering the many nights I stayed up reading until the sun came up. I am very likely much older than most of the members here, a father of four, a husband of one :). I was bitten by the WoT bug and have since infected many others with it. i hope to make many friends here and learn a little while sharing different insights and perspectives.


Thanks for a wonderful site

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Indeed welcome Mithrander (Gray Pilgrum, one of the many things people call Gandalf) Anyway, we do have a wide range of ages here, I myself am young (Being 17, almost 18) to some who are parents.


(I could say we have some quite old people here, but I am dont want to be pelted with books or what not)

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Gandalf!


Considering how long these books have been coming out, it's no surprise that a few people around here *ahem* have a bit of "gray in their muzzles". So to speak. Or so I have heard....  ;)


Moving right along...

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