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Well Hi!


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Hello everyone! How goes?


It's been...oh...6-ish years give or take since the last time I've dropped by these forums. I've managed to meander my way back, and find myself wanting to feed the urge to get back into role-playing. Sooo....that's what I am going to do!


I am hoping to re-join the Gaidin, albeit under a different alias and character.


Glad to be back!!


What's shakin? :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


And Heya Corki. It's definitely been a long time. I am very glad to see you are still around! =)


Never fear, in addition to my Gaidin, I am considering creating a soldier for the Band...I've always fancied the BotRH, but last time I chose Wolfkin instead; I didn't really take to that as well, so we shall see! Baby steps, though. =)

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Oh, of course not. Not to worry, don't doubt yourself; I was under a different handle at the time...although for the life of me I cannot remember what. It could have been one of the many, many names Ive used on RP sites. *shrug*


No matter. :)


Whats new in the last ohhh....6 or so years? :P

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not 6 years ...lol...i normaly think i been here shorter then i have, but yeah its 5 years this autumn since i joined...so i'd say about 4 years, didnt know you were in the org either


and if i remember corectly we were new togheter, less you had a round before that and had just returned when i joined, in which case corki the band org leader is allowed to be confused lol, as i dont think he RPs


Quibby would be your guy (he is the div leader for the band now, if you interacted with them back then you may remember Mehrin his char who was commander, he now transfer said char to the freelanders though)


and if you hang on i will go look and see if i cant dig out your old handle ;)



ok found either your old chat name or your old msn name or icq or something, as i found an old convoe between us where you went as AOD Jade772, not sure it was your handle though so gonna see if i cant find an RP


ok found it... Jade of Malkier, and you joined september 2nd of 2004

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