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the Ways


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I concur, they arn't clean. That being said Machin Shin has changed--in KoD we see one hundred thousands trollocs make it through the ways intact at one time (the timeline between Moridin's comments and the events at Algarin's manor show this).


This change was suggested--following its interaction with Fain we see a sequence of changes--it waiting at Waygates, it forcing itself into the real world--these changes take place over a few months--its been more than a year since we last saw it, and presumably the cycle of change must have continued.


Some suggest Machin Shin may have escaped the ways completely--but we have nothing to support anything other than some change has occured. I'm very curious to see how it all plays out.

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Is the Macha shin gone? (i am pretty sure there is some correlation between Mashadar and Macha shin as Fain can talk to both)
When has Fain talked to Mashadar?


Macha Shin and Mashadar the same thing, at least type?
Same thing, no. Same type, depends what you consider their types to be?


If by "type" you mean a Mist-like being with the ability to devour somone, and is made by corruption. Then yes.
Machin Shin isn't really mist-like. More wind-like.
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