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  1. I think she meant, Consciously channeling
  2. I think it was used as a portal
  3. I am refering to the average strength of AES SEDAI, not the mean that is used in formign graphs, I asked this to CHECK my graph. We can find the skew, by recognising the pattern and finding X, It's hard to explain..... Because I was never taught, but I just know that, when the graph bends so far this way -> it will increase the amount on that side while simultaneously lowering it on <- that side. See first statement See above statement I never said it was. I said that it was the basis for our graph, the x axis and the y axis + the ability to adjust the skew/ check the numbers. All depend on that piece of information.
  4. Grade Nine.... Probably misunderstood my teacher. So what your saying is, as long as RJ didn't go mega physics on us, we can calculate it? Because I thought my First Graph was pretty close to what he had in mind.
  5. Now if you'll just tell me the mean (average) strength of aes sedai, I can finish my graph, then WHEN its done, I can show you that: A) it has skew and it was determined mathematicly B) It fits the mean C) It has no variance D) It fits the cut off strength **Also you put forward a moot point. With the 63.8% of aes sedai, it is important, IT IS the basis for our graph! USing the following formula [x-1(x)]+100 we determine the x axis of our graph AND how many aes sedai we are dealing with. If we have a scale of 100 on our x axis, then 100-1(100)+100= 99(100) +100 = 9900+100= 10000 SO on a scale of 100 we would be dealing wiht 10000 female channelers. **** I figured that much out on my own.
  6. Um... I did, she said there is no variance.... she said that since variance is NOT required and since we have no reason to believe that it exists... that it can be excluded.
  7. Luckers. Where does it say the Mean is 50? It could be possible but I want something RJ said (If possible) So that there can be no arguments.
  8. First off, we do have everything we need... We have the mean: (Once I found where it says it) We have the cut off line: 63.8% can reach the shawl We DO NOT have the skew, but by a simple mathematical equation we can find it. IF somoe can give me the average stength of aes sedai I will gladly create a graph that not even YOU can argue with. I did talk to my teacher, she said that with the information given we CAN make a graph the way I thought, but It takes more work than if we simply had all three pieces of the puzzle handed to us.
  9. As for the mean, I am trying to find it so I can test it further, once I find it, there willl most likely be a few changes, but not many.
  10. you are a party pooper, but I drew the curve, and it works. Cut off strengh = 36.2 Percent of aes sedai who can get shawl= 63.8% People who don't=36.2 I calculated the skew by a series of mathamtical equations to test where it should cross the cut off strenght. I am only off by 0.0035%
  11. Im in grade 9, and that was my first graph of this sort, so dont laugh....
  12. Here you guys are.... My math is at the side, but if you can understand it.... your doing better than my teachers. One Power Strength in Females
  13. It will be 700k words at 5 words a second is still 39 hours of reading, so unless you've got a bladder made of iron bands, I'd suggest leaving the mountain dew alone.
  14. I prefer to think that Elayne, Allana, and Avienhia will all get sticked with spears in AMOL. But having Min will keep Rand sane enough to do what is needed.
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