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Newbie signing in.


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Tai'Shar Manethren! Long shall the wheel turn when there are people out there that read the books. Anyway, welcome to DM, though I am sure you are going to hear it alot in the comming days. It is always good to see new people around the forums, though I am usualy around the RP boards so I dont see many new people cept in this part of the website. Anyway, again welcome, and hope to see you around the boards, get a good look around, there are lots of things here to see and to take part in.

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Hey what's going on. 


Here's my problem ok... I authorized this monthly charge on my visa card from the website 'hotasiangirlswholikeguysoriginallyfromSouthDakotawhonowliveinTexas.com', mostly because I liked the 'exclusive' clientelle for the site, it was almost as if it was made just for me, especially with the show ponies...


but I digress.  Here's where I'm at in life friend, I'm trying to get them to stop charging my card, because I really don't need that site anymore after a friend of mine turned me on to 'hotcanadiangirlswholiketopostpicturesofthemselvesmakingbreadfromscratchwhilenewd.com' and it's pretty much fulfilled all my...erm, foriegn relations type needs. 


I've offtracked however; because all I need from you is for you to block the afformentioned site (hotasian.... etc. etc. etc. (etc.)) from being able to charge my card.  Paying for two sites is really cutting into my pizza hut money.


And no I don't need any kind of credit protection.


Thanks though, and welcome to the Circus.




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