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  1. When I saw this topic what I thought you meant was, "What if you can change any random dialogues in the series into the DO's lines?"
  2. Still, it seems a bit amazing for me seeing as she was constantly playing with Amathera, she dropped her off a tower and got her out of TAR just before she hit the bottom and stuff like that. I know Spirit can be channeled asleep but do you have that level of micro-control over the flows when you're not conscious? I always figured that channeling while asleep was just about setting the weave and maintaining that while asleep, sort of like the wards Moiraine sets on Lan, Bukama and Ryne in NS which set off an alarm in her head whenever anyone passed them. I don't think it's possible to actively channel when you're not conscious, even if it is Spirit. So I wonder how the BA was doing what it was to Amathera. Which brings me to another question. I remember that it was mentioned in the books, but if you enter TAR with a ter'angreal that requires channeling, are you automatically holding the source and still channeling into the thing's reflection in TAR? If so, is stepping out of TAR the same as it usually is, or do you have to stop channeling? On a final note, one appears to have some level of consciousness when in TAR, so maybe you can control your real world spirit weaves from there, but I fail to see how it is possible when you are simply asleep and therefore unconscious like in Moiraine's case. Of course, I could be wrong, and there might be a part of a channeler's brain that stays conscious in order to control the weaves of Spirit, but it's just a little odd that such a thing has never been mentioned.
  3. Just to put in my two cents on this issue, I don't care how delayed the book release is as long as it comes out, and comes out right. However, I am more than a little miffed at the delayed eBook release. It feels like a bit of a scam. WoT has a very rabid fanbase who will want to know what happens in the book as soon as it happens. It seems to me like Tor/Harriet knows this and decided to milk a bit more out of it. Those who normally read eBooks are going to buy the paperback so they can find out the ending, and then many will possibly also buy the eBook to complete their collection/compilation and/or for future reading. I just don't see what issues or problems this particular series or book is facing in terms of concurrent eBook releases when so many are able to release them on the same day.
  4. If all the books were like CoT there would never be an ending because nothing would ever happen except in the last chapter. I'm a relatively new reader in the series, I remember I started reading just before CoT came out, and even KoD had come a year after I had good through the series for the first time since I didn't really have access to all the books at one go. Regardless, the point is that I never really had to wait for any book till CoT, and by them, I had gotten used to the slower pacing, and as a result, I wouldn't mind even if the series had taken 18-20 books to complete, since I hadn't put in the sheer amount of waiting time that many here have. In fact, I was actually disappointed at the somewhat rushed pace in book 12. I realise that having a different author complete the series requires that the series be actually completed rather than extended, but I still wish that it could be done differently, no matter how many books it takes.
  5. I actually do enjoy the slower books such as PoD and CoT. I was definitely frustrated by the pace on my first read, but I really grew to enjoy them on my later re-reads, to the point where I actually wished the rest of the books would be paced similarly! On the other hand, I might not have made it to the later books if all the books had been paced that way LOL. Seriously though, I realise I'm in an overwhelming minority here, but I really do enjoy the slower books.
  6. FYP. Nothing to see here, move along.
  7. ,I have to agree with Barid. Precision ir very important for a series like WOT. Imagine if there had been am error with Taim's of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. For all this support, the DO gives them new clothes? I can see it now: "I won the last battle and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" LMAO But there are any number of things the Finns can get from the DO. An eternity of memories to feed off, if that's possible, or they could simply be saving their own skins from an attack from the DO when he decides he doesn't want lightsiders getting foreknowledge about his actions. EDIT: But, we're drifting off-topic here, and I don't want to jack this thread with Finnland discussions.
  9. I have always wondered whether the finns are somehow 'sponsored' (for lack of a better word) by the DO. I know they're not connected to him directly and likely have nothing to do with him, but the prohibition on questions relating to him has always struck me as odd. Is it simply because the DO is not in the mortal dimension and cannot therefore be fore-read like the rest of the world? Or is it something more sinister? Coming back to the sponsoring thing, in KoD, Tuon berates Mat for believing in so many "superstitions" and asks something like,"Do you really believe that if you sleep on Old Hob's hill, foxes come and give you true answers to three questions and snakes..." (I'm really sorry I can't remember the quote, someone please help me) where Old Hob refers of course to "Caisen Hob", another name for the DO. Anyway, coming to the point, we know that so many rumours around Randland actually have their basis in fact, and I wondered if this old Seanchan tale was not as corrupted as it seems. Who really has the guts (or the luck) to spend a night sleeping on Shayol Ghul? Maybe simply doing so can transport you to Finnland. Or it could simply mean that the Finns have some sort of connection to the place, and what connection to Shayol Ghul can lack a connection to the DO? Therefore, it is my theory that the DO somehow provides the Finns with something essential to them, in return for them not answering questions related to him and immediately executing or doing something as nasty to the people who are foolish enough to ask. As to what the DO can offer to the Finns, I cannot say. Perhaps a regular supply of human skins peeled before they are sent to the trolloc cookpots? And why can he not simply bully them into obedience? Maybe because they are in a different dimension, he cannot affect them as strongly, and maybe traveling through the portal ter'angreal is as fatal for shadowspawn as traveling through an OP gateway. My theory is far from perfect, but it's just one of those things I like to think.
  10. I thought Elayne or one of the 1001 channelers with her might have worked out how to use that bearded-man ter'angreal (I think it was a bearded-man, not sure) which worked to keep vermin away. Nothing was mentioned regarding its power though, so we don't know whether its effect can spread across an entire city or maybe even a country if extremely large amounts of power is used.
  11. Yes, actually. I was very concerned. I liked the chapter as is, but I'm not sure I like the idea of Rand turning into some avatar of light, demigod-esque figure. The appeal of the series to me was in the fact that normal humans, and one human in particular had to deal with the more than overwhelming burden of being the guardian of creation itself, while not having any exceptionally fantastic power (OP and ta'veren-ness aside of course, those are things we have seen before and in others). Therefore, I'm not overly concerned about whether Rand has become a completely non-violent hippie, but more about his nature itself.
  12. The one thing I have not understood since KoD is why exactly Egwene and the other AS are so pissed about the Asha'man bonding sisters. Those AS came to gentle and kill every male channeler in there and hang them on sight if possible (in complete violation of Tower law and custom, never mind that it would have been a massive failure), and they're lucky they weren't killed in self-defence. Instead they were left alive and were restrained in the easiest possible way. Let's face it, simply saying "Do not channel unless instructed" is a lot easier than guarding and shielding 50+ sisters at all times. Exactly what would Egwene want done differently? The way I see it it seems to be Elaida's fault, not in the least bit Rand's.
  13. 1. Moiraine Damodred above all. I am positively in love with the woman. 2. Gawyn finding out his mother's alive and starting to undo his doucheness. 3. Egwene finding out that Rand ain't so bad. 4. Rand finding out he's going to be a father. 5. Rand finding out that Mat is the Prince of the Ravens. 6. Fortuona finding out that not everything is 'a stupid superstition'. 7. Loial's speech at the great stump.
  14. I am more worried than pissed by Elayne's lack of response. Even if she's being an idiot and has some stupid thing against Mat, she would either invite Thom or have some sense knocked into her by Birgitte. I hope its nothing serious.
  15. The first lines of ToM are: "I killed Asmodean!",______ screamed into the night.
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