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LOL Check this out!


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So I was looking through the bio archive for a old bio today and what do I find but my little brother's bio. So I thought I would post it and then my own original bio written in 98. You can clearly see who was the best writer and it clearly wasn't me. *G*


Character name - Bellezza al' Di Vita


E-mail Address - Bellezza@dragonmount.com


Division - Aes Sedai


Physical Description - Bellezza has long semi-wavy dishwater blonde hair reaching just below her lower back. She is 5' 3" and around 100 LBS, she has sun darkened skin representing the hard farming lifestyle she has endured previous to her decision to journey to the tower. Her eyes are light blue with small flecks of white strewn throughout the iris. she is petite in figure and is most well known for her birthmark which resembles as hawk,wings spread, in flight just below her left ear. Bellezza is 17 years old.


Place of birth/raising - Bellezza is the daughter of a poor farmer outside of Jehanna in Gealdan. Her lifestyle previous to her journey to the tower was a hard one. Bellezza has worked on her fathers farm since the untimely death of her mother Mordaan al' Vita, this happening when Bellezza was meerly 6 years old. Due to a physical lifestyle and a harsh onset of reality at an early age Bellezza has a freewilled spirit and a strong resilience. She has a close bond to her father, Kilthaen al' Vita, whom was forced to play both the mother and the father after the death of his wife.


History - Bellezza could not believe her eyes, a mass of buildings and streets so large she could not see any end in sight. This was the city in which she had dreamed of seeing since she was old enough to sneek into attic the of her small farmhouse and peer longingly at the maps and drawings her father could not bring himself to destroy. Her journey had been hard and long yet Bellezza al' di Vita was untouched by the weeks in the saddle. Growing up working 14 hour days on a farm causes a natural strength in which Bellezza was now quite thankful for. Bellezza could not help but to smile at her ragged companions, these people looked as if they had ridden from beyond the aryth ocean itself when in fact they had joined her party in Caemlyn.

As Bellezza neared the gates of Tar Valon she could not help but to feel a slight pang of regret. The thought of leaving her father alone to tend his lands made Bellezza saddened. Bellezza knew all too well the futility of fighting the word of an Aes Sedai. Although this trip was unavoidable, Bellezza was still caught in distant thought of her father, alone, working the fields that Bellezza had worked as long as her young mind allowed he to remember. The death of Bellezza's mother 11 years before her departure had made a dramatic turn for her father whom had been a distant and bitterly violent individual with an alchohol problem. Upon the death of Mordaan, Kilthaen was forced into a life of responsibility stemming from the needs of a small child. Kilthaen purchased a farm and moved outside of the city in order to help himself deal with the stress of changing his lifestyle.

During the years that followed, a newly sobered and caring Kilthaen grew increasingly close to his daughted. They didnt have much but what they had, they had together. This sobering thought caused a sudden pang withing the depths of Bellizza's soul.

As she came upon the great tower of legend, all thought save for its magnificence melted away from Bellezza and she was left only to stare in dumbfounded awe at the sheer size and beauty of this grandiose monolith. As she made her way toward this building she could only think one thought, "I am living here??!!"


Here is mine!


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The thing is, I cannot remember if that was part of the rules, or just a painful trend.  I want to think it had to have been the rules, considering that Taeadra, Zania, myself, Jade, etc all had that pesky first-person guise :D

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Jade which brothers bio is that? Is it one i've met? *ggls*


I don't think i've ever written in first person, maybe once when I was like 15 or 16 but I didn't like it much. You can say so much more in third I think. Then again i'm not much of an English major so I could be wrong. *goes off to word to proof read her stuff* LOL

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