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  1. It had been decades since Kaylan was an official teacher in the Tower; her patience had been shrinking in direct proportion with her increasing age ever since she had attained the shawl. There were far too many upstart young girls these days who felt that they knew it all, had seen it all, could do it all – she simply couldn't deal with more than a few at once anymore. But occasionally there was a young aspiring Green that the Aes Sedai would take under her wing, or even a girl undecided about her Ajah; Kaylan had not dissociated herself from Tower life entirely yet. Occasionally she felt
  2. It was not a habit of Kaylan's to attend tea parties and the like, even - or perhaps especially - when there would be novices and Accepted in attendance to make pests of themselves with questions about the ajah. However, she was finished with her research for the morning and given that Jaydena's mentee was supposed to be around had decided to make an appearance. She didn't know the girl from a bar of soap, but, having mentored Jaydena an extraordinarily long time ago, Kaylan felt that perhaps there was some sort of connection. At the very least, she could check up on her once-mentee and ensure
  3. The winter air slipping through the cracks around the windows felt no cooler to the Green than a breeze any other time of year, yet it was enough to set her joints aching and make the report that she was trying to write go excruciatingly slowly. Her desk was littered with paper; half-written letters, a book of ciphers, several slim scrolls that had come in from her eyes-and-ears only that morning. A slight gust ruffled the page she was working on, one scroll rolling to the other side of the polished wood tabletop and coming to rest against a sun-bleached skull that was propped up against the w
  4. "The invitation came from Phaedra and Nyssa, but it was Phaedra who demonstrated the weave." That was enough information for the moment - Kaylan felt no need to volunteer more than that, and Sirayn's question had not covered who had attended from the other Ajahs. She picked at a loose thread on her skirt, wishing already that she could be excused to go back to her own business. As lovely as it was to be singled out, as much as there might have been a prestige in being the first of the Green Ajah to learn the weave, the old Green would have refused had she known that it would lead her here
  5. Though she looked calm as they rode to the meeting place, Adine al'Thoram Torfinn was a knot of tension... and a little excitement. Daishell was close by, looking rather stone-faced and feeling so tense that she thought he might implode at any moment. He was being ridiculous about her security again, one hand on his blade as though he'd be able to do anything if they were riding into an ambush, and her brow furrowed in an almost perfect mirror of his when a whistle sounded. Now the excitement was gone, replaced with wariness, and she looked around for the source of the sound just in case
  6. It galled, curtsying to a woman who she could remember being initiated, and Kaylan thought to herself as her lips brushed over the Amyrlin's ring that there was a damned good reason that she spent most of her time outside the White Tower. Keeping that in mind, the old Green thought it best to leave Jaydena to do the talking, as she was much more politically minded than her once-mentor. Stepping aside a little to show her deference, Kaylan folded her hands in front of her and waited for Jaydena to explain. Light, why was she even here? It wasn't as though she was needed. "We are some to bot
  7. She wasn't frowning because she was wondering who Corik was - she was frowning because he was calling her 'Commander', and the way that he had his shoulder on Arala's shoulder, he was looking like a lover. Analie didn't particularly want to think that the woman had gotten herself one of those. "A squirrel." Her tone was flat, though the Child's eyes flashed with anger. Arala needed to be tending to her duties as a Child of the Light, not some bloody forest-rat. "A squirrel." The repetition was in that same flat tone, as though she had let herself think it over for a moment and still c
  8. Character Name: Lijah Opeth Age: 26 Division: Seanchan Subdivision: Civilian: Voice to the Lady Height: 5'6 Hair: Gold, grown long Eyes: Grey Character history: You know how funny it is when you pretend to understand something… He was more than a Voice. …while belittling other people's problems, not caring, and they'd hate you for showing it? He worked on the move with grace and remained elusive, as the hunter pursued his prey with the absolute relentless confidence of his own abilities. Once you cared so desperately to now cut yourself off to wallow in the pi
  9. Name: Ahtuk Age: 35 Email: Belalshallshatterthewitchtower@gmail.com Division: Seanchan Subdivision: Warriors Physical Description: Ahtuk's skin is a weathered tan, his black hair secured tightly by ligatures. His eyes nondescript brown; his jawline square and firm; his nose flat and his teeth filed and pointed. He stands at six feet, roughly, with a broad and powerful build. His body is also covered with a mass of battle scars, tribal markings and the same double dao tattoo facing downward tattoo on the back of his right shoulder that adorns his rescuer, mentor and friend, Jia Mingzhu.
  10. Character Name: Lilune Zarvayas Age : 28 Email address : Hingstman@gmail.com Division : Seanchan Subdivision : Seekers for Truth Physical Description : At 5'8" Lilune doesn't stand out in a crowd. She has an athletic build, but that isn't a strange thing in Seandar either. Her black hair is cut short, in the style of a soldier or perhaps a busy merchant. Her face might draw some eyes to it. She has delicate features. Someone ence remarked that she bore a resemblance with a member of the blood, which Lilune mocked that person for. Her eyes are a pale blue that is quite common in Alqam, f
  11. Name: Jia Mingzhu Damane Name: Chali Age: 30 Origin: Shon Kifar, Seanchan Physical Description: 5’0â€, and 51kg. Dark hair that ends at her jaw and green eyes. Athletic build with broad shoulders, she has a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder of a Golden Hawk with three lightning bolts. On the back of the right shoulder, a pair of dao crossed and slanted downward. History: Born to a family of tailors, childhood was more work than play, mainly spent learning the use of needle and thread and practicing it from the crack of dawn till after the sun had set. It was a hard liv
  12. BIO: Ikena Position: Der’sul’dam Name: Ikena of House Adelar Age: 25 Born: Imfaral Parents: Dorak, a listener and Amara (mother). She has 3 older brothers and a pair of twin sisters who are older as well. Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 5’3†Build: Petite with very little curve Appearance and Clothing: Always immaculate and well manicured. Wears her sul’dam clothing when on the job. Off the job she prefers rich colors such as purples and reds. Background: Ikena was born into a middle level noble house in Imfaral. Her parents had more money
  13. [OOC: Kids do rock. I love you guys. *wipes away a tear*] Oh, dear Creator, was Arala drunk??? The giggles, the slightly slurred words, the vacant stare... All Analie could do was shake her head and give her fellow der'Algai a look that showed her distaste. Of course, she might just have been bored. Analie didn't bother to change the look, though. Their animosity was no secret, and certainly hadn't improved any when Doeshan had made his decision and started to openly court Analie. It was still hard for her sometimes, being alone with a man, but she had always trusted Doeshan and
  14. The old Green and her once-mentee marched through the halls of the Tower. Well, Kaylan marched - or perhaps it would be better called a stalk - and Jaydena sort of glided in that graceful way that Aes Sedai were supposed to walk. It seemed to Kaylan that they were probably on a fool's errand, that the Amyrlin Seat had no doubt already been approached by no less than a dozen Sisters trying to curry favour. She cared little for how Sirayn viewed her - the blonde Aes Sedai could still remember both her Amyrlin Seat and her Ajah Head as wide-eyed girls. Well, she probably would have remembere
  15. Not to you, I'm sure. Elia nodded her acquiescence. "If Fawne wishes it, I will join you for dinner, but I am more than willing to dine by myself so that she may spend some time with her mother." The once-Commander had a deep dislike for all of the political manouverings that Tar Valon seemed to concern itself with - she preferred the sword to the word. Still, she could not duel Matalina, not least of all because she hadn't been practicing seriously for some time, so Elia would do her best to observe the pleasantries with Fawne's mother. Provided the girl did want her there - Eli
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