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Hello everyone


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Hi there, my name is James and i've been reading the WoT series for almost ten years now and i'm rereading the series for a second time now. I'm twenty two years old and live in the US. I'm looking forward to RPing with you lot! I love to read of course but other than that my hobbies are online gaming and i'm an avid fan of movies. I'm an actor but at the moment i'm studying history at college. Well, just wanted to say hello and get to meet everyone :)

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What's up man?


So here's my problem (one of my problems) I lost my fantasy football game this week right?  Though I said all week I didn't think I'd win I was secretely holding out for a certain set of events to play out so that I could win the game.  First for his team I needed some bad games.


I hoped Michael Turner would have a bad game against a tough defense, which he did. (Good)

I hoped Kurt Warner wouldn't get too many points, and if I'm reading it right his four fumbles and two INT's should cut him down to under twenty points (not bad)

I hoped his recieving corps would falter a bit, Unfortunately this didn't happen as I'd hoped Fitzgerald went for about fourteen (which isn't so bad since he didn't see the end zone) and Royal went for about ten (fumbled once, but I was really hoping Royal would completely be shut out) and his TE Sheffler only scored about two points (That was way good at least) Problem's mostly came with Greg Jennings who decided to score two touchdowns and grab up a hundred yards.  I have serious problems when Jennings is putting up numbers in the mid twenties.  *shakes head* So all in all his recievers did me pretty dirty. 

I needed his second back to be shut out, and while Slaton was stopped on the ground (about thirty yards) he ended up recieving for about 90 and a touch (that sucks)

Finally I needed sub par games from his defense and kicker.  Unfortunately Kaeding hit two field goals and the Tennessee defense racked up four sacks, one pick, and three fumbles.  Bah.


So now you're probably thinking I was way out at this point, since a lot of the things I needed to happen didn't.  But I wasn't completely out of it just yet.


First off, L. Coles lit it up for three touchdowns and over a hundred yards, so his thirty point performance really got me off to a good start.


Things I needed aside from the huge game from Coles.


I needed Philip Rivers to play like he's been playing.  Didn't happen, he got caught picked twice, and only threw one touch, also only threw for about two hundred yards.  He did pass for a two point conversion though, so that was at least a little salve on an otherwise horrible day (bad)

I needed Santana Moss to come up big once again (150 receiving yards, check)

I needed a huge day from Mr. Edgerrin James.  He only rushed for about thirty yards, fortunately he caught passes for another thirty and scored two touchdowns (and a two point conversion)(good)

Next I needed good days from my kicker and defense.  Longwell had a FG so it wasn't a horrible day, and the Packers Defense did score a touchdown (Yay Charles Woodson) but all in all both performances were mediocre at best. (bah)


And yet with all of that I'm still in it (Thanks Coles) if only one of my three back-ups plays well (Moss (of the Randy variety), Julius Jones, Marvin Harrison (who I technically replaced with Coles so that was a very positive swing) and Jeremy Shockey (who's injured) were all riding the bench for me this week due to bye's (and the injury)) I needed a big game from either Selvin Young or Javon Walker.  I really hoped for a couple more passes thrown Javon's way, and I figured with Selvin becoming the featured back in Denver a game against the Chiefs would be just what he needed to finally break one off.  Didn't happen, and my back-up TE (Soon to be cut Jeremey Stevens) didn't even see the ball once.  So those three guys accounted for about seven points, and I lost.




By my scoring it should be within twenty (probably withing fifteen) and that should be a good perfomance all things considered, but I'm still dissapointed.


Going forward I like my team.  I get Randy Moss back, and Coles should be one of Farve's (Pass Happy Farve) main targets in New Jersey, throw in a blistering Santana Moss and my recieving corps is sound (with Harrison coming off the bench when favorable).  Julius Jones looks to be the man in Seattle, and Edgerrin James still scores decent points out in Arizona, throw in a returning Willis McGahee (who hopefully will get his starting job back soon and not have to split carries (crosses fingers)) and I should have a solid three man RB rotation (not great, but solid).  Longwell at Kicker isn't horrible, and the Green Bay defense has scored a lot of touchdowns this year, so I'm content with them.  My real problems may be at QB (I worry about Rivers going forward, though he really should at the very least be dependable (we'll not even talk about Hassleback backing him up, though in theory he should at least stop sucking sooner or later) and TE (I need Jeremy Shockey (out four more weeks at least) or I need to find someone else to come in and help out). 


But hopefully I'll be better next week.




Oh, that's right, Welcome to DM dude.





Postscript:  I saw you joined the Seanchan, Welcome to the Circus.  You should have fun over there.  ;)



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I won my Fantasy Football game but lost my Fantasy Baseball final game.  Yeah... I am salty about that.  "Empy get over it man.  Stop crying like a baby"  Hey!  The ladies like to see the softer side I say!  Which makes me think of Sears... cause... you know... they have a softer side and all.  I am not sure of Sears gets the ladies though. 


In other news, Scarlett Johanssen finally tied the knot with Ryan Reynolds.  To anyone that knows me, you know this is a big deal for me.  I have been holding a candle for that girl for years!!!!  "Empy man... you are married"  I know man... this is probably the main reason SJ took the plunge herself.  Otherwise I am pretty sure I could have broken up her soon to be failed marriage. 


Welcome to DM.  If you leave us, I will hunt you down.

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Welcome to DM, yes as long as you have suvived the JD post, you should suvive out in the rest of the forums. Anyway....If you are interested in RPing might I recomend the Revolution One forum to RP a little before you get really deep in the DRPSW (Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World) Atleast I think thats what the acronim for it was, anyway, cya round the forums.

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Welcome to DM, Lantholos - we're always glad to have more people join us down in the RP!  I recommend starting by reading the stickies on <a href="http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/board,4.0.html">this board</a> to get an idea of where to start... and feel free to ask any of us RP staff any questions you might have - we're always willing to make time to help people get settled in!

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