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Hi All


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just signed up today, so hello to you all. Been reading the forums for a while and I am mightly impressed with all the theories and discussions. I always thought I was an "astute" reader, but looking at some of your posts makes me feel like an illiterate oaf who must miss 50% of what is written.


Slight confession here, I started reading the books about 10 years ago and loved them until LoC, then thought Jordan lost his way after that (don't kill me!)and stopped after TPoD. Anyway, just decided to pick them up again and I'm currently reading TGH, and loving them again. I just hope the same thing doesn't happen though.


I'm 35, male, in the UK. Wishing you all well.

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Hey, don't feel bad, I feel quite dumb when visiting the discussion boards too. ;D Well, if you like the story line but not the books, you might want to check out the RP side of things. If you like writing it's a great place to spend some time. :) It's great to see you here at DM, and welcome!

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I think that has happened to several people here. I know at one point in the series, I felt like he was never going to finish. Then I found DM and felt basically the same as you described. I kept thinking to myself, "Wait, how do you know that!" every time I read a new theory here. So, I went back and reread the series, and discovered that I'd missed about half the story.  :) So you are not alone.  ;)

Welcome to posting here and if you like Ogier, do drop by the Stedding and say hello!

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Hi Guys,


thanks for the replies and the welcomes. I certainly think the forums here will help keep my interest in the series this time around.


I'm a bit tentative at the minute as I don't want to to read any spoilers, but look out for my crazy theories when I've caught up!

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hey there Taim, welcome to DM and good to see you come out in the open with us ;)


I don't think you need to apologise for that though, as I'm sure everyone has had points in the book where they went 'RJ, get a move on it already..... djeeeeez man'. But as all good addicts, we plodded on, through the mud and tseetsee flies and low and behold, the Light was back! For me it was book 7 I think that was particularly hard. 6 and 7, around there. (I'm crap with the book titles, btw).


As for the book discussions. I confess. I avoid them. They would make me look way too much like a newbie ;) Though some day, I just might make it up there with the big folk. *nods* And maybe I'll even know what they're talking about. *chuckles*


Looking forward to seeing you around the boards, hope you enjoy it!

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From one Brit to another, welcome to DM!


Have a look at everything DM has to offer - there is a lot and you'll find something. Just ask if you want any advice. And that goes for any questions - don't hesitate to ask them. We're here to help.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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