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Rate the Gleeman - Eol


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Hi, I am the Scribes Chapter House Leader in the Illuminators Org and I understand that you had a recent performance by a wondering gleeman named, Eol in the Black Tower Org. He has recently found a home with us and as such has entered our ranking system. As part of that system, a gleeman's ranking increases with the amount of virtual gold he brings in during performances.


As such, I would like to ask you as the Black Tower Org Leader to rate his perforamnce using this virtual gold scale of 1 - 300 gold coins. 1 gold coins would equal TERRIBLE and 300 gold coin would equal WONDERFUL!


Thank you in advance for your help! Feel free to ask any questions you might have.



Scribes Chapter House Leader



I felt it best we get an average of everyones view. So whats your verdict?

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Guest Lord Jameson

I know I wasn't here but I read through the Gleeman's visit.  I'd give him 270 Gold coins.  90% still says he did a great job and we'd want him back.  It also gives him  confidence that he did well but also allows room to improve.

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