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HS Competition Winners- May 2008

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Howdy once again players, supporters, families and friends!


May brought us some very competitive individuals who all did their best to walk away with a prize.


First a reminder to the winners:


you can exchange your winnings according to the following formula:


1 ORG point = 3 Game Points = 5 Lottery Chips


The exchange can be done in either direction.



--> if you are happy with the prizes as they are, you don't need to do anything.

--> if you want to exchange them: send Myst a PM


the JoTS Competition has been finished and the winner will be announced in the next Edition of the Hornsounder, which will be published soon. 


The Sudoku Challenge is continuing to move along, and an old rivalry was reformed. Walking away with the grand prize of Sudoku this month is one member from the Senior Staff


Taymist seized that prize from DJ's masterful mind this month with a undisputed 100%!


Congrats Tay!!!  Your winnings: 3 Org Game Points + the May Sudoku Pin


There was a competition renewed this month and we had three entrants.  This competition is the Caption the Pic Challenge. The winners were chosen by the HS team.  The winner gets 2 Org points and the other competitors each get 1 Org point.  To see who they were, please see this month's edition of the HS.


Congratulations to all the winners!!

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