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Never to be an Ogier guy!

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I wonder what people think about the extreme limitation of male Ogiers during their marriage? They have very little choice! I felt so sorry for Loial while his wedding was going on, even though he liked his wife-nobody asked him anything at all! WOW. Has anyone heard of any real cultures like this in the world?

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To be sure Bob.


In KoD, Erith showed her suport for her husband from, literally, the first minutes of their marriage.


"By all means, speak at the stump."


"Go, defend us from the Trolloc horde attacking the manor."


Everything she said was an "order", but if someone orders you to do your heart's desire, is it really an order.


Now, the case can be made that she's softening him up to follow orders in the future, (says the voice of experience) but she's already shown she'll make her MIL back down to support her husband.


Most men should be so lucky.



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    There have been many matriartichal societies throughout the world, some American Indian tribes, some african tribes, I can't remember specific ones at this time.


    It's funny, talking about marriages, some may look on the surface that one is dominant and yet it could be entirely different. Just looking at my parents, Mom was there to get us to do stuff and Dad was the disciplinarian. You would think that Dad was head of the family, but we would have starved to death if Mom wasn't keeping track of the finances. Not that Dad blew the money, but he couldn't do Math to be able to balance the checkbook.

  Anyway, that's my 2 cents

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