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OP Class (Open to all)

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OOC:  This class is open to all the new soldier/dedicated peoples.  Even if you don't have an OP score yet.  Soldiers, assume that you've been taught how to sieze the source already.  You can do that RP later if you want to.


IC:  Arath watched the assorted members of the class file in after running their lap of the outside wall.  The six mile run was not easy, and even the seasoned dedicateds puffed hard afterward.  Some of the soldiers looked as though they were about to die on their feet.  With so many of the others out on assignments, Arath had been given a huge class of mixed ranks.


Siezing Saidin, fighting the molten ice and the sickening filth, he raised a man sized earthen manaquin from the ground.  "Dedicateds, raise training manaquins.  Soldiers, sieze the source."


A few minutes later, a small army of training dummies stood in rows and all stood awaiting orders.  "As you know, the Asha'man have not been around for nearly as long as the White Tower.  We don't know as much as them . . . supposedly.  We gain power from knowledge, and we gain knowledge from creativity.  I will show you basic ways to destroy things.  I want you to try to be creative, try to come up with new ways to do things.  We will guide you and try to prevent you from doing something stupid.


"Dedicateds, I want you to take a pair of soldiers and and show them basic attack weaves using only one element.  Soldiers,  I will be supervising, so don't disappoint me."


OOC:  Okay, dedicateds, take NPC soldiers to train if you want and show them basic weaves.  Soldiers, vice versa.  Basic weaves with different elements.  2 or 3 killing weaves.

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Martyn felt his breath speed up when the mannequins rose from the ground itself. He knew this was what he had come here to do. He knew this was perhaps the only way for him not to end up accidentally hurting the wrong people from inexperience...


...So why was it so hard to reach out and grab Saidin?


Oh, he knew the answer to that mental question even before he asked himself. Saidin. Ever since the Breaking known to be tainted by the Dark One himself. Every time he had heard it named it was in combination with a false Dragon springing up somewhere, putting half a nation to the torch if not more. Saidin, synonym for Evil, Ruin and Destruction throughout the Age.


And here he was, trying to consciously wield it.


He sank into a crouch, trying to breathe, trying to ignore the sounds of exploding human-shaped clumps of earth in front of him. But as much as he tried to focus, the mental barriers set up by his inexperience and his own reluctance proved to be too much for him. Taking a deep breath, suppressing the need to cough as some thrown up dust entered his throat, he looked at the others, pushing out the mental image of every one of them leading an army of people against each other.


Light, but how was he supposed to get over those barriers?

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Light, that run was exhausting, even now. Ikki had never been fit, so he still wasn't used to physical labor. On the bright side, he was able to seize saidin even when his lungs were threatening to explode. It was getting quite easy to do now, almost like breathing. He paired off with two Soldiers and embraced the source. He pulled up the manequins of earth and left them hanging, so he could focus on other things.


"First, we will use air. Embrace saidin then single out a flow of air. Weave it like so into the head of the manequin and then brace yourself." Ikki quickly wove a Air shield to protect his Soldiers as the heads on the earth manequins shattered like a glass bottle. He reformed the heads. "Very good, you caught on quickly. Another Air weave you can use is an Air bludgeon. It's not as effective, but very easy to use. Take your threads of Air and weave then like so then swing." He demonstarted how to do so and watched them try to smash the earthen heads. They wove it fine, but their accuracy had much room for improvement. They eventually did hit it.


"Alright, let's try another favorite. Take a bit of Air and a bit of Fire and weave like so..." as he spoke, a fireball lept from Ikki's hand and blew up the manequin's arm. "...and that happens. You try it."  He repaired the manequins as the Soldiers eagerly tried to hit the formed earth with fireballs. Once again they missed more than not. But they were eager and learning fast, if at an inaccurate pace. He smiled at them. "Take a short break. We'll try some more after you rest up."


Ikkiliad sur Paendrag


OOC: Arath, what do you plan for the Dedicateds to do after?


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Running in to the training grounds he allowed himself a little smile. These new soldiers are on the verge of falling over! I might be winded but at least I'm standing easily. Coming to a walk that slowed to a stop near Arath, he focused on slowing his body to normal speeds and breath grasping Saidin easily to help him. The enhanced sense of life followed by the constant struggle between the Taint and the raging inferno that was brought on by the Power was a welcome, and near constant, companion these days.


Listening to Arath he brought about two earthern training dummies and motioned two soldiers to him. Watching Ikki, Cain decided to teach Fire Weaves instead of air. Pulling moisture into the dummies he commands the attention of the soldiers.


" Calling upon Saidin I want you to draw Fire like so," and he wove a strand of Fire and snaked it towards the dummies head. " Now ignite it like so. As long as you hold it you can set them on fire like so." He caused the thread to grow hotter at the tip on the dummies head until it ignited twigs and leaves that had been swept into the creation. Weaving quick threads he reformed the head and turned back to the soldiers. " Now you do it, you can hit any part of the body you can focus on but I will mention those who hit the head for some relaxation time."


Once the two soldiers had grasped the weave and could do it correctly he lead them in the next exocise. " Next take a Fire thread like so and expand it as best you can, like this." He drew the Fire into a thin wall that was six hands high by six hands wide. Then he ignited it and shoved the wall at the dummies. " This is difficult but if you start the Weave right in front of the dummies without anchoring it you can move the wall by pushing with your thread. It is tiring and you won't be able to move it far during this lesson. Start with a one hand by one hand wall, like a shield, right in front of it and then push it into the dummies. Begin." Watching the soldiers try it until they got it right, he was glad when it only took a few tries for each of them.


Forming the dummies back to normal was a quick task and then it was on to a more intense Weave that required two threads. " Next we are going to mix Fire and Earth like so. Look at this rock here. Watch my Weaves carefully. Now pick up the rock and hit your target." Once he set the Weaves, going slowly for the soldiers benefit, then he picked it up. He prepared shields of air bubbles around the soldiers and called to the others close by, " Explosion coming!" Then he threw the rock and it hit the dummy's head and sent pieces of rock everywhere. The rock shreds cut through the dummy's head and into its body, but it bounced of the shields that had gone up everywhere close by.


The two soldiers had a few tries before he allowed them to throw the rocks. Before they did he made them shield themselves and warn others to do the same. " Very good. Now take a break, get some water and something to eat. Make it quick mind, I don't want to wait too long before continuing."

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Gale settled in quickly with the rest of the Dedicated and Soldiers, not too wildly winded after the run. He gave Alean a nod and the same with Jas, another Soldier he'd come to know in the two or three months he'd been here. Gale was actually a little surprised that he didn't miss the ship and open sea so much, but he had a feeling it had to due with the amount of time his training occupied. That and the drinking.


There were only a few places one could find decent entertainment when there wasn't training or chores to be done, but Gale had managed to weasel his way into the right circles relatively quickly. Alean, the Dedicated he found himself paired with again, had actually been one of the people to help him relax in that regard. Gale was thankful for it. Alean was a good fellow, though. Smart and quick with the channeling bit and he had a sailor's sense of humor, so Gale got on well with him.


Seizing the Power took less than a moment for Gale this far into his training. He would have smiled at the progress if happiness hadn't waited outside the Void with all his other emotions. He was actually familiar with a wide variety of tricks with so much training already below his belt. Gale knew he had much farther to go, however.


Alean started in his usual way, teaching an attack weave from each element before starting the cycle anew. The man seemed to think it gave a wider variety of skills to pull from and a good familiarity with each of the five powers. If this made Gale's channeling any better, he couldn't say. Likely not, but he enjoyed knowing different ways to approach the same task and he was gaining strength in every thread instead of focusing on any one in particular.


With Gale's gestures and wide and exagerrated as they were, he liked the fire whip the most. This gave him a broad area to cover and offered some decent control, using his body and his mind to direct the thin flow of fire stretched out from his clenched fist. It did not writhe and react the same way a real whip would, which was good since Gale had no formal training in the weapon. In fact, it had a great manuverability when put in the hands of a master. Gale could claim no such title, but he had progressed to the point where he didn't need everyone forty paces away from him when he started practice.


Earth offered its share of deadly treats, from spiked projectiles to simply using it to basically swallow up an individual. It took a great effort to get even one dummy since there was so much to control, but Gale managed with his usual wide gestures. His hands went out to either side of him and came up and forward until he all but clapped over his head. He took a step with it as well, as if he had to lunge into the weave. The effect smashed the dummy between the two pieces of earth the way meat might get flattened beneath teeth.


With Air, he was able to wrap thin and finely sharpened strands around the dummy and pull it to pieces. His fingers moved as if each commanded a piece of wire, clenching into fists to tighten and then yanking back toward him to finish the full move. The dummy fell to the ground in several pieces.


The day was going to be difficult. But, every day here was difficult so Gale was not surprised. As the sun climbed, he felt new muscles - some mental and others physical - pushing through limits and barriers set the day before. This was no longer new, being pushed past his limit. While it never grew easier, at least Gale wasn't surprised at the developments and improvements he made. Sweat did not take long to form, but it was not so bad as it had been when he'd first arrived.


Progress could not be slow going here. Not when madness was so uncertainy. Each of them had an unknown and chaotic life expectancy, like bombs with hidden fuses. There could be an eruption at any moment. Gale had seen men go crazy here and he suspected that one day he would join them in madness. And then he would join them in death. Because there was no other way.


The Light send he was crazy enough not to know the time of his death. Gale was not sure he would be ready to face it when it came.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry this took so long to get back too.  I'll make it fun for you. :)


IC:  Arath walked around observing the class while the Dedicated taught, taking special note of those who had a lot of trouble, and those that learned exceptionally quick.  One or two seemed to have a block, and another had a bar making any weaves beyond ten paces falter.  Something would have to be done about them.


Returning to his place at the front of the class as the last explosions died away, Arath addressed them again.  "Soldiers, good work for the most part.  Now you will observe while I instruct the Dedicated."  He gestured to the side where they were to wait and watch.  "Dedicated, by this point you are reasonably good at destruction and offensive weaves.  But that is only the half of what you do.  Defensive weaves are equally important, and often are neglected by other instructers.  I've seen you weave basic air shields to protect you from things you've blown up, but can you shield yourself from a full attack?


"You!" he said, pointing to a suddenly startled Dedicated.  "Protect that," he pointed to a charred and much abused tree stump a short distance away.  The Dedicated frowned for a moment, then wove a quick shield of air, laced through with fire and a touch of earth.  Arath almost sneered as he siezed Saidin and quickly wove air, fire and spirit around a hair thin weaving of earth and water.  A powerful bolt of lightning streaked down out of the sky and smashed through the weak shield, snapping the weaves back to the surprised man, shattering the stump, and causing wood fragments to shower down on the class. 


"Not very good.  If that stump had been a fellow Asha'man he would have just died for your failure.  All of you have the responsibilty to defend your brothers, as well as destroy the Lord Dragon's enemies.  So, I want all of you to raise a handfull of earth manaquins and defend them from whatever I throw at them.  I will NOT hold back, and I will exploit any flaws or weaknesses I see.  Anyone who fails to protect their 'army' will then have to defend themselves instead.  The soldiers will be allowed to practice some of the weaves that you have just taught them against you."  He allowed himself a small hint of a smile as some of their faces drained of color.  They would try harder now.


OOC: See, isn't this fun?  Dedicateds, feel free to describe the horrific things I attack your 'army' with.  I assume that all of you will pass, but if you want to fail to make things interesting feel free.  Soldiers get to attack the 3-4 NPC dedicateds who fail, but not injure them.  You won't get through their defenses.


There will be one more part of the class for everyone when this is over.  Have fun with it!  ;D

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Martyn winced as the lightning struck the stump. From his life as a soldier, he knew that until he was able to channel properly, he'd be effectively useless in combat as an Asha'man. Destroy the mannequins? Light, he'd have charged at them with a sword if that had been what they'd have asked of him.


Unfortunately for him, they didn't. Quite the opposite, actually.


Color started to drain from his face as the training continued, and he resisted the urge to sit down as he started to feel sick. Bracing himself, he closed his eyes and tentatively reached out for saidin, snapping away from it again after feeling like he had just run his and through oil.


He looked at his own hand, half expecting it to be stained black with oil, but found nothing. Was that what wielding saidin felt like? He looked at the others, how easily they seemed to channel that oil-like substance, and suddenly started feeling a bit out of breath.



Martyn Stonebridge

Not a very happy person right now...

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Hmmmm. Ikki pondered as he walked over to where he was going to form his 'army'. What would make a good defense? Opposites, perhaps? Earth to block Air, Fire to block Water, and vice-versa. Mix with spirit? Yes, spirit is good. He wove earth into the ground and brought six manequins up in front of him. Arath launched a fireball at him. Ikki quickly wove a shield heavily loaded with spirit and water, with traces of earth. It smooshed against the shield and the weaves dissipated. Yes! Ikki was much better at defending and stuff like that than he was at attacking. Lightning bolt! He wove a grounded shield over the dummy and the lightning disappeared into the ground. Yes, he had been practising.


And the games went on. He blocked the fire with bubbles of water. He blocked water with walls of fire. Air was blocked by thick earth walls. Earth was blocked by heavy air shields. He had lost one of his dummies, but some had lost all thiers already. Arath was weaving something very complicated looking, from afar at least. There was a lot of earth. Too much for an easy battle weave. Was it...? No, he wouldn't, would he? The ground shook under his feet and it was getting harder faster. Ikki paniced. How in the Light do you block something coming thought the ground? He assessed his options quickly. He could either attack Arath back to distract him, or her could.... yes! he wove a complex weave of air, fire and spirit, and sent it straight at the flow going into the earth. Arath's flow was cut clean through. But boy was that complex! However, the ground still shook under him. His weave had done it's duty. A dummy fell over and shattered into several pieces. Wasn't there a weave to stop earthquakes? Or to stablize things? He was sure there was, but he had no clue what they were. He wove random earth into the ground and did manage to make the legs of the manequin stronger. He only lost two of his manequins. That was good. Arath looked finished with this part of the lesson, to Ikki released the source.



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Cain thought quickly about how best to defend his dummies. If he wove air with threads of all the elements and made the elements react to whatever was channeled at it that should work. It would be like flares that bulged in the weaves to counter any weave.


Calling upon that sickly sweet life giving flow of Power he called forth his dummies and quickly wove shields made of all the elements together. They were mostly Air with a just as strong thread of Water and really strong threads of Fire, Earth and Spirit. He held on to the weaves to make sure all worked as planned and prepared to defend his "Ashaman".


The attacks began almost instantly, weaves of Air that would cut and Fire that would burn. He was glad to find some Earth bombs thrown his way as well, his lessons were being used against him! Allowing his weaves to bulge with countering threads of Saidin he managed to counter all of the Soldiers attacks and most of Arath's. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw a weave that came from below. Knowing it was a strong Earth weave, he watched as it took out some "Ashaman" even after the thread was severed. Thinking quickly he altered his weaves to include shielding his own "troops" from underneath. They would still get banged and bruised but they would live.


He had just finished his own weaves alteration whe he felt, and then saw, Arath's weaves being aimed at him directly. He must have seen me weave the alterations and knows I am prepared for anything! There was two weaves, one was the rippling Earth and another was raining Fire! A thread that mixed Water and Fire! The Earth ripple would launch him into the air and then he would be met with that Fire rain!


Deciding he could handle bruises, he ignored the Earth weave and focused instead on the Fire and Air rain. Feeling himself shooting up into the air he bulged the Fire thread in his shield to absorb the heat and then Water and Earth to smother the fire. The weave just balely sizzled against his shield as he felt the shield bend slightly inwards. Then he and his shield hit the ground and the shock of such a hard landing broke his weave and left him very bruised.


Geeting up quickly he re-formed his shield and looked around. Two of his dummies were shredded by obvious Air weaves. Other then that all was intact, including himself. Looking for Arath he saw his focus was on the next Dedicated. The attacks were over for now, moving out of the line and with the Soldiers he relaxed but didn't let go of Saidin, it was all that was keeping the pain at bay and mostly himself from passing out.


Cain Ddraiglyn, Dedicated of the Black Tower!

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Gale moved as he was instructed, standing patiently while Asha'man Arath went about his instruction. He was glad for the momentary peace, taking in deep, relaxing breaths. Naturally, he released the Power and was both sad and grateful to see it gone. It could get addicting, having that much destructive power within you. Defense? Gale didn't know the meaning of the word.


Then lightning smashed against a weak shield made by a Dedicated. Well, it couldn't hurt to learn a little defense.


It would seem, however, that he had the opportunity to wait on that request. Time to put that practice to work against a defending foe. Gale took in a breath and drew in the Power, seizing the tainted source and letting that vileness and power fill him.


He saw Alean lick his lips. Jas gave Gale a small grin and the two advanced. "I do no suppose we do attack together?" He asked Jas, who merely shrugged.


"I didn't hear anything against it, if that's what you're asking." Alean, now fully prepared it seemed, shrugged.


"Let's see if my training paid off," he goaded and Jas and Gale both mirrored Alean's shrug. The attacks began... and neither of them had much success, together or alone.


Whatever shield's Alean had woven, they were near on impervious to anything Gale and Jas could throw at them. They tried everything Alean had taught them, the fire whip was unsuccesful, their daggers were blocked laughably easy. Even trying to bring the earth up around the assembled mannequins proved useless. Alean either unwove their attacks before they could be completed, causing that unpleasant snap back of the flows, or else he formed some defense or shield that kept their attacks from making any impact.


Gale felt building anger bounce off the emptiness surrounding him, especially once Alean began throwing taunts their way to bring out more creative methods of destruction. Jas and Gale tried to coordinate attacks, going for different mannequins at once or attempting to overwhelm him with sheer force. The Dedicated simply refused to break.


The ground did its shaking and Gale watched Jas lose his footing. He felt the Power leave the other man. Gale found it easy to keep his feat, balance came easily after so long on a ship, but it seemed time for this lesson to be over anyway. Still a touch frustrated at making about no progress, Gale heaved a sigh as he let go of the One Power.


Then he was back to waiting.


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He stood with his hands on his knees panting from having run a lap around the wall as they were instructed to do.  Six miles it was said to be though it felt like double that.  He was a dockhand not a runner, nor was he a swordsman as he had quickly found out upon reaching "The Farm".


At the command by the Attack Leader he embraced Saidin, well he tried to embrace it.  Grimacing as if that would help, it wasn't until his fifth try that he was actually able to grab on to it still panting from the run.  Grab onto it was an understatement, it was like trying to grab onto a flapping sail in storm winds with your hands caked in grease. 


Embracing the source made him want to vomit, his body wanted to double over and spill out its contents.  The act of embracing always left a foul taste in his mouth.  Once he had hold of the source it got better and the actual weaving was a matter of forcing and fighting it to do as you wished. 


He watched with a look of amazement as training dummies formed in front of him.  He could see the weave but he could not have duplicated it if he tried.  He listened to the instructions then turned his attention to one of the dedicate who began showing him the weaves.  They were only using single elements at the moment but even that was a struggle for the newcomers.


He wove a thread of air extended it toward the dummy though the weave collapsed before reaching its target.  The weave snapped back into him giving him a small jolt.  Frustrated with himself he extended another flow which reached its destination though it only moved the dummy slightly.  His face was red as he drew on more of the power, he extended the flow of air with such force that the dummies head exploded which would have covered him in debris had the Dedicated not woven a shield to protect him.  The Dedicated nodded his approval and Geirrin wove the thread again with the same result.  He did this five times in succession then it was time for a new weave.


Next he wove another thread of air though it was more like a club or switch this time.  He tried to aim the club of air at the dummy though it took some time to learn to control its path.  His accuracy increased with each attempt until he was able to hit the general area where he aimed at least a third of the time.  One thing for certain is that he needed a lot of practice.   


The next weave was his favorite and the one he feared the most.  Fire was something that most sailors were deathly afraid of, a dry ship could go up like an illuminator's nightflower that was launched into dry grass with just a simple spark.  The weave was called a fireball, it combined two elements, fire and air.  Sweat beaded on his forehead and ran down his face as he struggled to form the weave.  This was his first attempt at weaving two elements.


Finally it formed though it was pathetically small, only the size of his hand this time.  Nonetheless he flung it at the dummy though it went a couple paces wide and exploded in mid air.  The next attempt produced a larger ball twice the size of the other though it dissipated before reaching the target.  He drew on more of the power, he felt his body tingle then he flung it at the dummy this time nearly missing the target.  He repeated the effort until he was able to hit the target 1 out of every 5 attempts.  Not bad he thought for a beginner though he wanted to do better.


He wiped his brow and tried to catch his breath as he listened to their instructor.  Now it was time for them to watch the Dedicated.     

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Ack . . . I am the most horrible person at finishing RP threads.  Sorry about the delay all.


IC:  Arath let his last weaves die as the mannequins in front of him dissolved under a particularly nasty weave of fire and water that had penetrated the final dedicated's shield.  "Fair enough job I suppose," he said loudly.  "Though those of you whose defenses cracked under the soldier's assaults will be running laps for an hour once we're done.  But for now, everyone follow me. 


Arath set off at a brisk pace toward the woods.  They quickly reached the area that Arath had found beforehand for this last phase of the class.  A small area had been cleared of brush and smaller trees, leaving a half a dozen towering tree's in the center.  Walking over to lean against a tree, Arath addressed the class again.


"With the latest influx of recruits, we have need of yet another soldier barracks, and two more dedicated barracks.  Which means we need a lot of wood to build them.  Cutting down a tree like this isn't too hard."  Arath siezed the source and with a razor fine weave of fire and air sliced halfway through the nearest tree trunk.  "Moving it by yourself however . . . that's another story."  Motioning the class out of the way, Arath finished slicing through the tree.  As the tree began to fall, Arath summoned all of his strength in air and with the biggest weaves he could manage tried to ease the tree's descent.  The tree slowed slightly, but it was a negligible amount.


"The easiest way to transport this back to the Farm would be to cut it into pieces and take them back.  But we're not here to do it the easy way.  I'm going to push you as hard as I can to force your strength to grow.  So now you get to learn how to work together.  We can't link like the Aes Sedai can, but we can still combine our efforts.  So I want you to all work together and pick up this tree.  Take it to the clearing behind soldier barracks four.  Then come back and cut down another, and take it to the same place.  Keep at it until all six tree's are in the clearing.  Nobody gets dinner until you're done."


OOC: Not the most terribly interesting class after such a long delay, but it requires you to interact with each other.  Talk amongst yourselves and make it interesting.  Arath will supervise the first few trips, then wait in the clearing, leaving you to yourselves.

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Light, but classes sure started out on a good day


Shaking his head to get rid of the sarcastic thought, he watched as the tree fell. Not being able to bring himself to channel, he had mingled with the group of Soldiers to hide the fact that he hadn't gotten a turn fighting the Dedicated. But even though he had escaped notice once due to their teachers being forced to spread their attention, he doubted he could succeed again during later classes.


Looking at the tree again, he took a deep breath. There was little he could do to escape notice this time, even if he hadn't made a mental note to talk to Arath after his first attempts at consciously channeling, but as it was that tree wouldn't be going anywhere for all the effort he could put into moving it.




'Can i get an axe?'

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Seeing as Gale had been here for little more than a few weeks and was still a Soldier to boot, he figured he wasn't going to be the one giving orders. Noting that this place wasn't too wildly different from the ship (in that there were only a certain few that gave orders and the rest leapt to obey) he figured speaking up would probably just get him beaten down. Violently.


Gale, not one for violent beatings unless he were the one giving them (and had good reason for it, of course - alcohol being a good reason) decided it best he just keep himself available for one of the Dedicated to start figuring out how things could be done. That didn't mean that Gale couldn't sieze hold of saidin however. All of this channeling was wearing him out, as it had been for weeks now, but he noticed already how much more he had been able to handle. It was surprising how quickly he learned, in fact.


He hadn't been asleep during Asha'man Arath's weave to slice apart the tree, or the hugely thick weaves that came against the tree to slow it's descent. Definite possibilities there, even if he could not see any of them to fruition just yet. So far, paying attention was key and he intended to keep it up no matter how tired he got. He had a feeling, after this, that he was going to be pretty bloody tired. Enough so that a good drink would be in order after the day's events were done.


"We do be ready to listen and work where you do need it," Gale said to the assembled Dedicated, who seemed to be puzzling out some course of action. He stood with the other Soldiers, arms to either side of him. He thought about giving one of those stiff bows but decided against it, seeing as all of them were in training he wasn't so sure rank played into it here - despite him deferring to the group. After delivering the quick sentence, Gale stepped back with the rest of the Soldiers and waited for command.

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Geirrin hurried behind Arath who stopped in an area that had been cleared of watched as Arath cut the tree the tree down with weaves of underbrush and small trees.  Standing before them were half of a dozen tall trees that towered over them.


He listened as their instructor explained the need to build new barracks.  He looked around for an axe then stopped as Arath indicated that they would use the power to cut the trees down.  He should have known.  Everything around the farm was done with the power.


He stared at Arath's razor fine weaves of fire and air as they cut through the tree faster than a hot knife through butter.  A smile formed on Geirrin's face as he thought of the uses for that weave.  Arath said they could cut the tree into smaller pieces though he didn't want them to.  Light, he could cut and build a ship using the power, if only his family and friends could see this.


A frown suddenly formed on his face.  "If they could only see this you fool!" He thought to himself "If they could see you do this they would run from you as if they were running from the Dark One!"  That grated on him but his family and friends were the past.  He had to concentrate on the present, this wasn't hauling nets or gutting fish which he could do blindfolded, he had a lot to learn.


He stood near the other soldiers as one of them spoke to the assembled Dedicated, his speech and accent that of an Illianer. "We do be ready to listen and work if we you do need us," the man said and Geirrin nodded in agreement.

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Geirrin was no leader though the dedicated seemed to be leaving the Soldiers to figure this out on their own.  Geirrin wove a flow of air and lifted one end of the log a few feet off the ground.  He thought he could almost lift it all the way by himself.  Turning to the other soldiers he said.  "If we weave air like so and each take hold of the same end we can flip it over in the direction that we need to go.  We can keep doing that until we get it where it belongs." 


Geirrin thought that they could also pick it up with flow of air and carry it step by step but that seemed like it would be too difficult to coordinate.  He had never practiced weaving while walking so it seemed risky.  Another concern was that he didn't know the others strength so his original plan would have to work.


At first they had difficulty lifting together though they finally got the hang of it learning where to put there flows of air and when to push them.  Geirrin began calling a cadence as they lifted the log which seemed to help keep them together.  It was like when the wind failed and they were forced to row, if they did not row together then it was pointless.  They got the log to its destination then returned to the copse of trees that they were to cut down.  Looking at the other he said "Alright who wants to cut this one down?." 

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Gah . . . how do I keep losing this thread completely?  Sorry about the wait all.


IC:  Arath watched the class with amusement from his hidden vantage point.  The dedicated had worked well while he watched them, but the moment he had 'vanished' they had fallen apart.  None of them even tried to lead, leaving the soldiers to do most of the work.  It seemed they mostly felt themselves as supervisors in the absence of a real Asha'man.  None of them would be raised any time soon.  One soldier also seemed to be avoiding work, but he also seemed to try to avoid all notice.  Martyn Stonebridge he believed the name was.  Arath would have to talk with him later as well.


A few of the soldiers showed initiative, however odd their methods.  Flipping the logs end over end was definitely a unique approach, but surely not the easiest.  It accomplished the goal however, no matter how many eyes the tumbling log drew around the farm.


As the weary channelers dragged the last log the last few paces to rest next to its fellows, Arath released his light bending weave and slipped off the roof of the soldier barracks.  "An odd way to accomplish the task, to be sure, but well done.  Soldiers, you are free to go to the inn for a decent meal.  You've earned it.  Dedicateds," he paused with a smirk on his face, "get running.  A full hour, then you cook your own food."


OOC:  Sorry about this class guys.  Post any final responses and we'll just consider it done.

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Though he felt bad about avoiding the work, and even worse when he was amongst those complimented for their hard work, trying to stay under the radar was the only thing he could do. It was all perfectly fine that the others didn't share his feelings about channeling, they were free to do so thanks to the amnesty, but none of that changed how he personally felt.


He tested the Void again, noticing the light shining in it. Unlike his fellow students, he disliked the intrusion as well as the impact it had had on his life. Destined to outlive his family, and to go crazy and die. Not necessarily in that specific order either. What hurt him the most was the future prospect of losing his mind though. He had sworn to protect his family from harm... but how could he have protected them from himself?


He raised his fist along with the others, though he did not share in their cheering. Getting lost in the group heading towards the Inn, he wondered vaguely how long it would take to break down the mental barrier that was in place. With so much focus here at the Farm being placed on channeling, he knew he couldn't dodge classes forever, but as a short term solution it had gotten him past this class, and would probably work on one or two more before he'd start to be noticed by the Asha'men and Dedicated doing the training.




Isn't a very good deciever

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The log finally reached its destination joining the others that they had brought over to the new barracks.  Geirrin was surprised at the sudden appearance of the Attack Leader, ligt where had he come from?  "An odd way to accomplish the task, to be sure, but well done.  Soldiers, you are free to go to the inn for a decent meal.  You've earned it.  Dedicateds," he paused with a smirk on his face, "get running.  A full hour, then you cook your own food."


Geirrin blushed at the Attack Leader's words, he shrugged his shoulders, it was the only way he thought they could get ti doen without a ridiculous amount of coordination.  The Dedicated had left them on their own so he didn't think it could be done another way. 


Geirrin saluted the Attack Leader then joined the group of Soldiers making their way to the inn.  He had not realized how exhausted he was until he released the source.  His body felt as if it had completely the task physically, he would sleep well tonight he thought.  As he watching the inn getting closer he thought he could eat enough for two.

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While Gale was not wildly thrilled with any sort of menial labor task (and who could be, really?) he managed to work without any complaint. Following orders was easy and Gale knew enough about the Power by now to manage with flipping.


Had they been smart enough to co-ordinate with Air, perhaps all of them lift together and walk instead of continously flipping the logs end over end it may have gone smoother. Then again, Gale was not in the position to be giving orders. Despite how the Dedicated dealt with the Soldiers, Gale gave his full effort in completing the task the way everyone seemed to find it best.


The slicing went easily, Gale thought he could do the weave after watching the execution once or twice. Still, using it in such a way... Gale could see the applications. He wasn't sure if he was ready to take another life with the One Power. He would. There was no doubt in his mind there. But was he ready for it on a mental level? He supposed he would have to be.


Gale couldn't help the grin slide over his face at the prospect of a night off. He put his arms over the closest two Soldiers and started toward the Inn. "Oh, I do be thinking I see a good night ahead, fellows." The grip around their shoulders was surprisingly strong for how tired Gale felt, but he didn't mind so much. In fact, his step was even a little quicker than it should have been all things considered.


But food awaited. And after that, well, bring on the drinks. He'd earned 'em.

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Ikki wasn't really sure what had happened. Shortly after they finished with defense training, Arath had taken them to cut logs. He apparently had dozed off or started daydreaming or something because the next thing he heard was


"An odd way to accomplish the task, to be sure, but well done.  Soldiers, you are free to go to the inn for a decent meal.  You've earned it.  Dedicateds," he paused with a smirk on his face, "get running.  A full hour, then you cook your own food."


He stared a minute. More running?! He didn't care if he cooked his own food, but Light he hated running. He took off around the perimeter of the Black Tower with much grumbling and after ten minutes, he was already feeling about to die. His body was not made for this sort of labor! After the full hour had passed, he forced himself to move and limped over to the kitchens.


"Running again Ikki?" chirped Daisie, the woman who usually kept the kitchens orderly. She was married an Asha'man who wasn't around much, so this was her way of keeping busy. "Yeah, running and cooking for...whatever I was doing while the Soldiers did the work." Ikki managed to get out. He didn't have much energy, so he just threw some bread, cheese, and pickles onto a plate and slowly limped his aching body to the mess hall. He found his quiet corner in the back and began to slowly eat while massaging his cramped calves.


Ikkiliad sur Paendrag

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