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Lews Therin and Lanfear


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This started on another thread and I thought I would like to discuss it further, but didnt want to hijack the other thread.


Lews Therin has become more active, and strives to reach the source for himself. Indeed we know that this is possible - Lews Therin can wield Saidin, through Rand.


One thing we know about Rand is that he currently finds himself physically incapable of killing a woman.


There is one woman who has been a 'problem' for Rand since the beginning - in fact he has missed several opportunities of killing her, and this failure on his part lead to the loss of one of the main women in the series.




What else do we know about Lanfear? She was Mierin, a scientist, and she had a love affair with Lews Therin. He slighted her for Ilyena and we all know what happened then. She has been jealous of every woman that Lews Therin or Rand al'Thor has loved ever since, and she is a very dangerous woman.


I wonder. No matter his appearance Lanfear has always known Lews Therin and she refers to Rand as such. It stands to reason that Lews Therin will know Mierin the same way.


I dont think Rand will be able to kill Cyndane, any more than he could kill Selene or Lanfear.


But I think Lews Therin could.


I wonder if there will come a confrontation - most likely involving one or more of Rand's women again, it seems to be a common theme - where Rand needs to kill Cyndane or have his women killed in front of him. Moiraine saved him the trouble last time, but she won't do that again.


Could it be that whilst Rand is deliberating (silently, but loudly to us as the reader) over his inability to kill her, Lews Therin will seize the power through Rand, and do the job himself?


It would certainly make everyone present look on Rand differently - they dont know it was LTT, all they know is that Saidin shot from Rand Al'thor and killed a woman...

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As I've said before, Rand does need to get over his inability to kill women when it's necessary.


That's certainly one way it could happen.


As I also theorized in another thread, it's entirely possible that Lews Therin did not kill his family.  If Lanfear had been the one who actually did, that might provide enough impetus for LTT to take over.  She was decidedly the one with the greatest desire to see Ilyena dead.


Problem is we have no indication that anybody other than Ishy was capable of projecting themselves outside the Bore once it was sealed.


However it ultimately happens, I do think there will be some kind of integration of the two personalities.  Such an event might provide Rand with sufficient perspective to allow him to see that sometimes killing a woman is both necessary and proper.

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