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Sammael refers the "events to the South" as having Demandred written all over them.


Amadicia is to the South of just about everything.


Asunawa, the High Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light is rabid about killing witches, as he see them.  "If it brings down the Tower," he says in the prologue of CoT " I am content"


Is Demandred maybe involved with the Whitecloaks. 



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Sammael was involved with the Whitecloaks, he had Jaichim Carridin under his control and sent the Gholam to help Carridin kill Mat / Elayne / Nynaeve in Ebou Dar.


Now that Sammael is dead however... it is possible that Demandred also had a proxy in the Whitecloaks, in Asunawa, he is certainly an unpleasant man, but personally I think Asunawa is a darkfriend in his own right, possibly at the level of Taim, although due to us having so little experience of him, we dont know him as we know Taim.


We know from an exchange in book 9 that Demandred's job was to 'watch Rand', along with Osan'gar / Dashiva.


You could be right, Demandred could easily have every finger in a different pie, and would certainly be intelligent to do so.

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Somethign else I forgot to mention bacause it seems like a small thing, but isn't.


When Valda enters Asunawa's hut, Asunawa covers the pages of the book he is reading but Valdas thinks it is  "The Way of the Light"  which Valda thinks is odd for a High Inquisitor, but would be normal for a "raw recruit". 


Or, I think to myself, an imposter.


It's far too suspicious.  Why would he cover the pages unless he didjn't want Valda to know what he was reading and why would he want to hide that unless he knew it to be suspicious enought to elicit comment, however unspoken it may have been.


Having said all that, what bothers me, and the reason I why I won't come right out and say he is one of the Chosen in disguise, is why, what for.  What would be the point.  The Whitecloaks are pretty much a non entity at this point.  They have 9 legions, plus a legiom of the Hand so about 10,000 men.  Everyone either hates, fears, or is suspicious of them so that will make it dificult for them go gain allies, even after gfalad takes charge.  He may be OK but he still wears that damn cloak.


In a time where Rand can put together an army of a guarter million Aiel, 10,000 whitecloaks doesn't seem like something Shadow would even waste their time with.


Anyhow, it's too odd to just let it pass without comment. 

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It may be suspicious.  It may be indicative of an impostor.


It may also be that Valda is simply mistaken.  He wouldn't be the first character in the series to draw a wrong conclusion.


I don't think we've seen the last of Asunawa and the trouble he can cause, but I don't think he's some Forsaken in disguise.  They don't have enough to be everywhere, and Carridin's conflicting and mutually exclusive orders have done a good enough job of making the Whitecloaks serve chaos, as is.

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