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Morgan DF

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Morgan! ;D


Here are some Orginizations you may want to check out:


The Aiel Org


This is a great org that has undergone some changes.  Come and have a look around.  Post a thread and ask questions (This should be done in ANY Org you are thinking about joining, if any), people will be glad to help.  You'll enjoy the fabulous Aiel drink, oosquai, just for posting aforementioned thread! :)  (the Aiel here are really just a bunch of softies ;))


The Band of the Red Hand Org


Come join the Music and Travel Org!  Have a few brews while you're at it.  If you like brawls, this is your Org!  A brawl can happen at any moment on any thread (though it is usually in a Tavern) and usually involves chairs, empty beakers, and miscellaneous items. ;D


Shayol Ghul Org


Join only if you like stabbing people and getting stabbed in return.  If you get offended easily, don't bother.  We're evil here.  No, really.


The White Tower Org


You can become an Aes Sedai or a Warder!  Gender matters not!  If you join the Warders, you can join one of three Disciplines.  (But Cuen'd'eren is best! :P)


Wolfkin Org


If you're wondering what the Wolfkin are, it's what Perrin and Elyas are.  Besides that, though, we are the Nature Org.  We love everything to do with wildlife!  And chilli and TQ (tequila), of course. ;D


But above all, Morgan, have fun! :)

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Firstly, welcome to DM!


Secondly, it's really cool you work on the Podcast! It's something I will eventually listen to as it sounds really interesting!


Feel free to explore the rest of DM as there is a lot of offer. Check out the ORGs to get to know people. Make sure you visit the Band of the Red Hand ORG, recent winners of the Emperor Award for Best ORG at DM. As DSage as already said, we are the music and travel ORG of DM, and we've recently ventured in restaurants as well. We review all these things, plus have fun in a variety of ther ways. You will be made very welcome should you come by or join.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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Guest malone_tymes

Don't trust anyone!


Except me.


And Welcome to the Circus.





And for some reason, the fact that you have Tom Cruise on your Avatar makes me think twice about trusting only you.


Welcome and have fun.  That is what this is about!

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I strongly suggest hanging around the Aiel, and if you want to get to know people, the White Tower Org is great.  There are a LOT of people frequenting the White Tower, so you're sure to meet a variety of personalities.


No matter how much time you have, just be sure to be yourself and enjoy what you do have time to do, and you won't regret joining!

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*beats DSage over the head with a crumbled cookie*


One of these days I'm gonna beat you! gonna beat you beat you beat you WHAT?


Oh ...


*smiles brightly, if slightly glittery eyed*


Hello and welcome to DM, Morgan  ;D


Do you like to wield The Power, to be bonded or to bond or maybe just have a big shiny sword, but without creating and roleplaying a character ?? Then the White Tower (Org) is the place for you - come as yourself!


We from the White Tower (Org) would like to invite you to join us. We are a community forum: we talk, play, discuss serious matters, get totally silly - the WT has something for everyone.


You join as a Novice or an Algai, and can become either a Warder (Der'Manshima) or an Aes Sedai - we have female Warders and Ajah brothers! Each Ajah is themed (for example the Greens are the most social and the Whites like logic) and the warders are working on building new disciplines that look very exciting. You can bond, or not - whichever is your choice. Something interesting to note...the Ajahs are not always like the book ones. For instance... we Reds love men! (And we're famous for our snugglebites *winks*)


So please make yourself comfortable and have fun around here!


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Welcome Morgan DF!


If you would like to explore your creative side, come and visit the Illuminatos Org. It is the home for anything creative on Dragonmount. We have everything from artists, writers, and crafters available.


Hope to see you around!

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Very wise decision.  *nods*


But if you like squirrels, especially Sith squirrels  :o, join the WT and visit House Damodred in the Novice and Algai Quarters! ;).....  (or the Aiel, or Wolfkin, or the Kin....)  Cuz that's what I am.  *nods vigorously*

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  • Moderator

Hi Morgan. =) You already know me. I'm Jennifer Liang, one of the associate producers for your podcast.  I also run the WT Org here. So if you do decide to join an Org, you'll have at least one familiar face in that one.

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